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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Writing is a way to communicate; from recording imaginative stories to writing shopping lists and recording instructions. It is used to preserve ideas, to entertain, to make thoughts visible. So, while technology and electronic devices have their place, the art of the written word should not be left behind. Writing by hand connects the author directly to the words on the page and acts as an aid to remembering recently learnt information. Precise grammar, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation can be learnt via the written word and then edited while the spoken word is forgotten and writing by hand encourages more creativity allowing children to develop their own style. The cursive script used at St Mary's is rhythmic and taps into the whole brain, so is beneficial to both the artistic and the scientific, logical sides.
After a successful Book Week and focus on reading in 2017/18, St Mary's has identified a need to target writing skills this year and amongst other strategies would like to organise a dedicated Writing Week. Activities planned include worshops, writing walks and initiating a pen-pal programme. Also, we would like to include a visit from a published author to engage with the children and bring the writing world to life. We are aiming to promote writing for a purpose, writing for communication and writing for creativity, establishing an environment where everyone is writing and everyone is loving it.
All these activities cost and at a time when school budgets are being squeezed, we are looking to fund this week through external sources. Based on previous speciality weeks, the benefits to the children would be enormous, bringing delight and enjoyment as well as improving their enthusiasm for the written word.

St Marys CE Primary School Fundraising Committee

Moment of Pride

St Marys is a small school with big ideas and their annual themed weeks are always inspiring. The teaching staff put so much time and effort into the planning and delivery of the events and the children learn so much from these focused experiences.

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