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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Blackford Bowling Club is already a first class venue for Lawn Bowls. To enhance this, improve accessibility for existing members and attract new members we intend to install floodlights around the bowling green.

We are an all inclusive club, that caters for ages 8 - 80. We are very active within the local community, our club premises are used by several community bodies including the Church & Heritage Society, local businesses, Highland Spring and Tullibardine Distillery and also individuals within the community who use the premises for birthday parties, funerals etc. We are truly a focal point within Blackford community.

Over the last 2-3 years, the club has made great strides forward in terms of membership figures where other bowling clubs have suffered. A great deal of progress has been made particularly with regard to the recruitment of junior members through the Active Schools project and also disabled members. We are the only disabled hub in the Perthshire area and are recognised by Scottish Disability Sport.Regular Taster/Workshop sessions are held throughout the bowling season (April - October). We also run weekly coaching, which has resulted in a 10 - 12 % increase in membership figures over the last two seasons. This has had a very positive impact on the clubs success in local competition, especially this season.

The successes have given us a problem however. Prior to the increase in membership there was sufficient time during the season to complete all competitons with time to spare. We now find that several factors make that almost impossible. This year one of our finals was played on the day before the closing day.

There is pressure on green time due to:-

a) Increase in use due to Active Schools Project. Junior membership is a very important area of recruitment and ties in with our National Governing Body, Bowls Scotland pathway.

b) Increase in use due to Scottish Disabilty Sport Taster/Workshop sessions

c) Increase in use due to increase in membership.

d) Increase in use due to the quality of our bowling surface. Over the last two years Bowls Scotland have used our facilities for Junior International Trials. This season we hosted the Hong Kong Youth Development Team coaching session and test series versus the Scottish Young Bowlers Association (U17's)

Its a great problem to have, we believe by installing floodlights, we can increase the time available for play in late July, August, September & October which will dramatically decrease the problem and indeed further enhance our great facility. It would potentially increase our membership figures further. We currently have members who are employees of local businesses, Highland Spring and Tullibardine Distillery. Both companies operate shift systems which restrict employees bowling involvement during those months as daylight hours decrease. Floodlights would allow participation after 7pm but more importantly would allow competitions to be completed safely.

Lastly it would allow us to promote floodlit competitions of which there are very few in Perthshire at present.

The Bowling Club is the focal point in the village and it creates great community spirit. Lawn Bowling is a sport for all, people from 8yrs old to 80yrs old can play, it is a very popular sport. Several of our players have reached County Level and there is potential for them to go further.

We have already upgraded the club facilities, the clubrooms have been refurbished through the hard work of our members, lights have been replaced with LED throughout (reducing the carbon footprint), disabled access to the green is being upgraded at present. The installation of LED floodlights would be in keeping with our energy saving policy and would make the facility one of the best in the country. This would undoudtedly attract top events to the village/club in years to come.

Blackford Bowling Club

Moment of Pride

Blackford Bowling Club are a forward thinking club trying to make it sustainable for the future. Everyone buys into that vision and are keen to enhance the facilities, the green and the clubhouse. The installation of LED floodlights would allow top class lawn bowls to flourish in the village.

Location: Blackford