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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


At Penniwells RDA we have an outdoor riding arena - This year due to high winds many of the lights surrounding the arena have come down and been broken and so we are having to repair and/or replace them. By keeping the arena well lit makes it a safe environment for our disabled riders to use through the winter months for their riding sessions. Many are attending after 4pm coming from school or work when it is already getting dark.

Without the repair of these lights we will not be able to use the outdoor arena after dark for many months and so our riders will be missing out from the experience during this time.

The arena lighting is also essential in lighting the walkways and site in general and so Penniwells will be greatly restricted in what it can safely offer without them.

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Penniwells Riding for the Disabled Centre

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Penniwells RDA is a successful, full time Centre offering riding stable management to up to 140 riders of all ages and ability. Totally reliant on volunteer support we see riders start for therapy requiring leaders & side helpers through to those who can walk, trot, canter and go to competitions.

Location: Elstree