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Changing Children's Lives

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding and challenging roles in life. It can be tough, and you don’t get any training. Tough enough but imagine facing additional problems too.

Mental or physical health problems, a disability or additional need, isolation or loneliness, family breakdown or a bereavement can all affect a parent’s ability to give their children the best possible start in life. Around 65% of families we work with are affected by mental health issues including post-natal depression, anxiety or a more enduring mental health disorder.

That is where Home-Start comes in… offering home-based emotional and practical support to families with young children who are experiencing difficulties and are struggling to cope. Our friendly and caring trained family support volunteers (who are all parents themselves) offer regular support where it is most needed – emotional support to mums suffering post-natal depression, assistance to get to hospital appointments, advocacy for isolated families, support to access groups or signposting to specialist support such as domestic abuse or mental health services.

The first two years of a child’s life are crucial in determining their future health, happiness and life chances. With the help of Home-Start volunteers, children get a better, healthier start, parents become empowered and feel more confident in their role – resulting in happy and healthy children!

Home-Start Norfolk is a registered charity with 30 years’ experience of working with families who are struggling or disadvantaged, during the last year 386 families received our support.

We rely entirely on grants, donations and fundraising to deliver our much needed service free to families who need some extra support. Our unique delivery model focuses on supporting families in their own homes, offering tailored one-to-one support to families who find it difficult to access traditional support, falling under the radar of many other services.

Demand for our work is growing as referrals rise and other services are reduced - we urgently need to train more volunteers to provide support to struggling families.

Voting for Home-Start Norfolk will give many more children the support they need to make a happier, healthier start in life.

Home-Start’s support really makes a difference – 96% of parents who’d received volunteer support reported that they were more involved in their child’s learning and development, 95% felt less isolated and 96% reported improved mental health.

Home-Start’s support is cost effective – early intervention costs thousands less than the statutory services that are forced to intervene when things do go seriously wrong.

Here's how we make a difference...

Sarah and Ben were referred to Home-Start Norfolk by their health visitor. They had a 2-year old daughter Ava and a 3-month old baby, Jack. Jack suffered from serious reflux and he needed to be kept in an upright position at all times to prevent him from choking. With Ben working away during the week, Sarah became very isolated and frightened to take Jack out on her own, especially in the car. She rarely slept as Jack needed constant care, particularly during the night.

The family were matched with Home-Start volunteer Sue who visited each week to offer support. Sue provided a listening ear and reassurance to Mum as well as valuable adult company in her tiring week.
Sarah said "We received help from Home-Start during the most difficult periods of our lives to date ...Sue has been amazing, someone to talk to about our struggles with no judgement... I now feel more confident to ask for help and look after my children by myself.... Sue’s visits were the highlight of our week."

Please vote for Home-Start Norfolk - Changing Children's Lives appeal to give every parent the support they need to give their children the best start in life. There are hundreds more families in Norfolk who need us.

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Home-Start Norfolk

Moment of Pride

Parents helping other parents – We’re so proud of all the family support volunteers who give up their own time to support other families and make an enduring difference to young lives across Norfolk.

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