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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Our mission is to improve the prospects of disadvantaged children in East Bristol. We work with children who do not have English as a first language (EAL). Many of our beneficiaries are refugee or immigrant children.

What we do:

Jacari Bristol works with committed volunteers who are local University students. Our volunteers are trained to become tutors, and are then matched with a child in the local area. The child then receives weekly tuition in their home, to improve their attainment at school as well as their overall confidence and language skills. We also run enrichment events, like trips to museums, so that the children can enjoy activities with their tutor which they might otherwise not have access to.


We have five partner schools, located in and around Lawrence Hill, encompassing some of the most deprived areas of Bristol. We work closely with classroom teachers, who identify pupils in need of a Jacari tutor, and refer them to us to be matched. Schools and families do not pay for the Jacari service. We work exclusively with families who would otherwise be unable to afford private tuition.


We strive to improve the prospects of EAL children because increasingly their educational needs are not being met in school. There is a significant attainment gap between foreign-born pupils and pupils born in the UK. This gap is even larger for children who have recently arrived in the UK, or who do not speak English at home, which is the case for many of our service users . Furthermore, many of the children we work with are doubly disadvantaged because they also live in deprived areas. There are many children in Bristol who are eligible for the Jacari programme but unable to access it due to our limited capacity. Hence, there is a significant need for us to expand our programme in Bristol.

What do schools and pupils think of Jacari?

In a recent survey, 100% of parents who responded rated the Jacari programme 10/10. 100% of our partner schools agreed that lessons had a positive impact on pupils, and all of them said that they would recommend Jacari to a parent.

“My tutor is very helpful, I like her. She teaches me lots of stuff and all my times tables which helps lots, and lots more Maths. She makes me laugh!”
– 11 year old Jacari pupil

“Since having a Jacari tutor, her confidence in her abilities has shone through - and socially too! She said she has loved working with her tutor. It is really great to hear that such a positive relationship has been formed - so thank you!”
– Classroom teacher of a Jacari pupil

“Jacari has allowed me so much flexibility as a volunteer. You have the option to go to workshops and get as much help as you need, but are equally able to individually find a teaching approach which works for you. It has been such a pleasure to work with young people on an individual level, and have found this close interaction with a young person to be really refreshing. It is truly the most rewarding thing I have done at university.”
- Jacari volunteer

Jacari Bristol

Moment of Pride

Our amazing volunteers really drive the organisation. We have 100 dedicated volunteers who really deliver the impact to Jacari pupils through the relationships that they form and the wisdom they impart. Our volunteers really are inspiring role models.

Location: Bristol