Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000

Supported by: Access Insurance


The Newbigin Community Trust is a community project based in Winson Green, Birmingham. They provide a place of welcome, inclusion and social cohesion for local residents. The aim is to promote and provide positive activities, facilitate positive relationships and reduce social isolation.

The aim of the specific project detailed in this application is to provide support to single men and women in crisis. These people have struggled with some severe socio-economic issues (homelessness, reintegration after prison time, addiction problems etc.), and have recently moved into a 32-bed facility in the local neighbourhood. Due to their background, many of these men and women suffer from mental and physical health issues, as well as social isolation.

Although the authorities may be providing a social worker to visit the men and women once a week, their support needs are not being met. The aim of this project is to help them reintegrate into society and create a positive environment for them to live in.

So far, Newbigin Community Trust has created two community meals and a Sunday lunch that both engages and feeds this particular group of neighbours and helps them meet others
in the Winson Green area. As people connect and share ideas & interests, a demand for further activities has arisen, such as: movie nights, arts and crafts, trips out to local attractions, sports activities, and social events.

The charity also provides people in crisis with:
• A mental health support group
• A cooking group promoting healthy eating and independent living
• Assistance with writing CV’s, helping with job searches and giving people work experience
• Providing social events

The beginnings of this project have been very successful. As an example of this, the numbers of people attending the meals have grown from 20 to 50 over the last few months. However, there is currently no funding for this project so is not sustainable in its current form.

For the charity to provide the support detailed above over the next 12 months, £5,000 of funding needs to be secured. The money would be spent primarily on the community meals and also allow the charity to deliver for 3-4 community outings.

The impact for the individuals this project supports is huge as they get very little support from elsewhere and do not have a network of people to rely on locally. This project is creating a safe environment for people to make new friends, reintegrate back into society, as well as assisting them in areas such as health issues and job opportunities. It really is life changing for people who have no social support or networks.

Newbigin Community Trust

Moment of Pride

All volunteers involved with the project can see the difference it makes to the lives of individuals who have been dealing with extremely difficult issues. Seeing people overcome these issues and achieve their potential is what makes us particularly proud.

Location: Winson Green, Birmingham, UK