Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Treharris Phoenix Rugby Football Club began with a small group of parents wanting to do something for their children, so born out of the ashes of the disbanded seniors rugby club, Treharris mini & Juniors was formed in 1994. Solely run by volunteers, set in the heart of the Welsh Valleys the small Club has evolved and continues to evolve with the support of the volunteers and the community.
The Club continues to grow mini & junior with over 100 players as well as a youth and a senior team.

A major part of the Club is the safety of its players!
Even with qualified coaches there can be accidents.
The Club has already benefited from a donated defibrillation machine, volunteers have had training, so they're able to use the equipment that is located in the Club should it be needed.

We would like Treharris Phoenix RFC have the best first aid volunteers and equipment it can by providing both qualified and competent first aiders, that are fully equipped.

At the end of last season Treharris phoenix had roughly 20 first aiders to cover all the teams, but some of these are due for renewal and new volunteers would like to help out.

WRU affiliated courses are needed and we would like to run 2 courses throughout the year, meaning another 20 volunteers would become qualified.
All the teams would benefit from new first aid bags and fresh basic first aid equipment such as bandages scissors and ice packs. The ice packs are probably the most used item in the first aid bags and so we would like to buy reusable bags that can be filled with ice and used over and over.

2 WRU First Aid courses for 10-12 people each
10 first aid equipment & bags
10 reusable ice bags

Please help Treharris Phoenix gain the skills, qualifications and equipment needed.
Thank you

Treharris Phoenix RFC

Moment of Pride

Treharris Phoenix is at the heart of the Community which is one big rugby family that comes together for the whole community not just for the rugby, like when Treharris had no water, the club became a water collection point as well as hosting many charitable events.

Location: Treharris