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Funding level: Up to £1,000

Supported by: P J McIlroy & Son


Ballycastle Runners AC was founded in 2008 and has a membership across a range of different ages and abilities. The club welcomes runners of all abilities and everyone’s performance is valued whether it is your first 5k, or your 10th marathon. Ballycastle Runners is also more than just a running club; it is about friendship, having fun, enjoying life and appreciating the beautiful scenery around us. It doesn’t matter to the club what your reasons are for joining, whether it is stress relief, general fitness, a desire to improve your times or just to socialise, we know that everyone who pulls on the blue Ballycastle Runners vest does so with pride and we want more people to join our running family.

We are hoping to obtain funding via the Aviva Community fund to help develop our club in a number of areas.

We currently have a number of members who are qualified “Leaders in Running Fitness” and would like to increase this number further. In addition it would be a great asset to our club to have members who have attained the higher level “Coach in Running Fitness” qualifications. These Athletics NI courses currently cost £110 for the “Leaders” course and £365 per person for the “Coach” qualification. As you can imagine this is a significant drain on club funds and any financial assistance we could obtain would be a huge help.

Community Running Event
In 2018 our club arranged its first official running event, the 4.5 mile “Marconi Run” was staged as part of the “Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival”. We encouraged all abilities to take part from walkers through to runners and the event was hailed as a great success by everyone that took part. It is our aim to expand on our experiences this year and to make the Marconi run an annual community event. The funding will go towards ensuring that next year’s run will be even better.

Annual couch to 5k (or similar)
With an eye on our Marconi Run in 2019 and hopefully with additional qualified running leaders we would like to hold regular training programmes to encourage locals to become more active, to start running with groups of like-minded individuals and to join our running club. These initiatives in the past have proven to be an excellent way for new members to get the confidence to take control of their fitness and to appreciate the benefits of healthy bodies and minds.

Club Running Vests
We have always tried to ensure that the cost of being part of our running club is as low as possible, from annual membership fees to the cost of obtaining our official running vests. We are currently low in stock in many sizes of club vests and urgently need to place a new kit order as soon as possible. Additional funding will allow us to place a larger order with the manufacturer and therefore significantly reduce the cost per vest for members.

We would love to have a Parkrun in Ballycastle unfortunately there is no suitable location available therefore the next best thing is to ensure that we have a healthy and happy running community in the area. We hope you will support our club by voting for our development project and if you have any questions or are interested in joining Ballycastle Runners then please get in touch via Facebook @ballycastlerunnersac

P J McIlroy & Son

Moment of Pride

Ballycastle Runners is more than just a running club; it is about friendship, having fun, enjoying life and appreciating the beautiful scenery around us. Everyone is welcome and no-one gets left behind.

Location: Ballycastle, UK