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Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are a recently opened branch of Colchester Cat Protection in an area covering CO1, CO2, CO3, CO4 and CO6. This area has a high demand for our help. Our help has been in high demand since our establishment and we aim to help everyone who approaches us, as well as having outreach programs to let people know about us if they need help with their felines but don’t know where to turn.

Our spay / neuter and microchipping program has helped hundreds of cats since we opened. On average this costs us £33-£42 per cat. We help a lot of families on low incomes who otherwise would not be able to have their cats spayed / neutered or microchipped. Spayed and neutered cats have less ongoing health problems meaning lower vets bills for families and longer and healthier lives for cats. Microchipping a cat can help reunite a missing cat with their family, but RSPCA statistics showed 87% of cats taken into care in 2017 were not chipped – making reuniting cats with owners almost impossible. For some owners the cost of this procedure is prohibitive, which is why we include it as part of the spaying and neutering program. We also include in this program feral cats, these cats cannot be homed as they have always lived outside and are fearful of humans, but spaying and neutering these cats can stop the cycle of more kittens being born into this life and can help cats living like this live healthier lives. We rely on the kindness and generosity of the local public through our fundraising events to keep helping the Colchester areas cats.

Recently, we were contacted by a young lady who was feeding a number of cats in her garden. She believed they originated from the house next door, but this was denied. Three large kittens had recently joined the family, when Susie decided something needed to be done. She contacted Colchester Branch of Cats Protection, and we set about dealing with the issue. The kittens were relatively easy to trap, and they were all neutered and returned to the site, as Susie had said she was happy to feed them and watch over them, as long as there would be no more kittens. We then set about neutering the adults. One fairly young adult female was caught, and was unfortunately suffering from a very debilitating condition which meant she had to be put to sleep to save her from a very poor quality life of suffering. One other young female was caught, and then two males, one young, one older. All were neutered and returned. That left one more female. We saw her on Friday, very pregnant, then again on Monday, not pregnant. We had to leave her until we were able to deal with the kittens. We then had a call from Susie, who told us she had seen four kittens in the garden next door. We set about trapping them, and soon had taken all four in to one of our fosterers. We managed to trap mummy cat, and had her spayed. We admitted her to our care, but it very soon became evident that she certainly did not want to be confined, so we reluctantly put her back in Susie's garden, where she is living a happy life. The kittens have become friendly, happy little souls who will shortly be going off to their new homes.

When a cat, often through no fault of their own, is surrendered to us we also help to rehome cats, taking them into our care for as long as it takes to find them a new home. The vet’s bills as well as the cost of food, enrichment and other care in this time costs us on average £150 per cat. Last year we helped to rehome 87 cats through our fostering program. Our outdoor fostering pens cost over £2000 each to set up to keep cats warm and cosy for as long as they’re in our care.

Votes for us will help us to be able to equip more foster pens as well as contribute to our ongoing spay & neuter program, vets costs, and general care for the cats. So we may continue to help people in situations like the example above and make better lives for cats.

Colchester Branch Cats Protection

Moment of Pride

Colchester Cat Protection not only helps keep cats healthy and safe, but also makes the people of the local community happy when we find a cat the perfect home and bring joy to someones life in the form of a feline friend. Keeping cats healthy and safe through our projects is incredibly fulfilling.

Location: Colchester