Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Mobile Scrapstore is an amazing opportunity for Dorset Scrapstore to make a positive change throughout Dorset. We know communities that currently struggle to use our location in Poole would benefit from access to our low-cost craft materials and workshops, as well as the opportunity to divert clean and safe industrial surplus materials from the landfill. This funding would enable us to increase our impact on the county and on the environment by taking our services directly to these communities.

Dorset Scrapstore is a community crafting hub that facilitates the reuse of scrap materials, and is dedicated to supporting the community to use scrap materials for creative purposes. We collect clean and safe industrial surplus materials from donor manufacturers across the county and collaborate to ensure waste materials (plastics, foam, fabrics, paints etc.) stay out of landfill, and instead reach the shelves of our store and into our members hands.

We currently serve over 2,500 members, including school and community groups who use our materials to deliver arts and crafts activities to young people, low income families, the elderly, and the disabled. One group member, a local dance and folk music group, recently told us they use our materials to help create costumes for events that help them fundraise to keep their group in existence. And a school member explained that we help them stay within their tight budget for extracurricular activities. Every day we hear stories like these - we know our Scrapstore makes a big difference!

With the help of members and suppliers, Dorset Scrapstore has diverted an estimated 260 tonnes of ‘waste’ away from landfill and into the hands of creative local people – we want to increase this amount but need to think of innovative ways to reach a wider audience.

Our Mobile Scrapstore project provides the perfect opportunity to bring our services to the county and to build a strong, self-sustaining business model that will ensure that the Mobile Scrapstore can continue to exist after the project has been completed. Last year, we successfully leveraged the publicity and finalist award from our Aviva funding to purchase a new-to-us van from a supporter - we know that this project will create many similar opportunities for the Scrapstore, and we will be well-positioned to take advantage of them with this funding.

Mobile Scrapstore consists of a project staff person, along with the van driver, who will travel to different locations within the county on a regular basis. They will deliver workshops, offer a small range of materials for purchase, pick up materials from newly sourced suppliers, deliver materials to our members, and attend events to promote our services in new communities.

Each van trip will cover many activities in an area - an environmentally friendly way to give people access to our resources. Each van trip will save the many car trips from group and school members shopping in person at our Alder Hills location, which could be as much as 50 miles away from them. And each van trip will create lots of additional opportunities - people attend workshops and become members; members work for potential scrap material suppliers; and members share their love of the Scrapstore with friends and families and colleagues who then also become members. This is why we are excited about the Mobile Scrapstore - it is a chance to expand our crafting hub and make a positive change throughout Dorset whilst improving all of our natural surroundings.

Dorset Scrapstore

Moment of Pride

One of our members summed up Dorset Scrapstore nicely :“I love that there are people who are working to make a positive difference - for our community, for our attitudes towards waste, and for this beautiful planet”. Mobile Scrapstore is our opportunity to share this work throughout all of Dorset.

Location: 14 Alder Hills, Poole, UK