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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Denham United Ladies Football Clubs provides football, fun, fitness, confidence, friendship, life skills & amazing memories to 200 local girls, ladies & families. Our aim is to give our members & their families the best experience of sport & personal development, in order to set them up for life. We aim to help develop confident, healthy, happy, skilled women, who are an asset to their local community. In order to do this, we require a large amount of kit & equipment every year. We are run by 20 volunteers who manage the club on a shoe string of a very low annual membership fees from the girls and any local community support we can try for. We keep our fees low, as we want to ensure any girls can play no matter what their circumstances are. This is another difference in our club, whereby any girl is welcome no matter what your skill or background is (please see attached our recruitment poster where we encourage anyone to come and give football a go). We want to provide our local community with the best sporting & family facility that we can. For many girls we offer them a chance to feel good about themselves & to loose their stresses in the moment of sport - they don't even realise the skills they are learning or the resilience they are developing - they are just having fun. We have many girls with different emotional, physical, mental & academic challenges and to be able to support them and see them grow is our absolute pleasure. Every year we need to buy new equipment and kit for the girls to ensure we can run the club efficiently & safely and without external support we just can't afford to update it. We are currently in desperate need of £1,350 to buy new footballs, new training equipment (cones, nets, posts, bibs and poles etc), two new kits for our newest development team and for our senior volunteering team, training courses to develop their FA coaching & management skills. The money means we can give the 200 local girls great equipment. People should vote for us, as we really struggle to gain funding for a girls' football club & as we are not associated with a man's team, it is even more challenging for us to raise funds for the equipment that we desperately need. We have had to start the season with many things needing to be updated, as we simply cannot afford them. The funding would mean that this very important local community club can train and support the girls in the way that they deserve. The money will also help us to support our coaches & managers with the essential FA coaching programmes, which is invaluable in helping them to train our younger girls. We are very proud at Denham that many of our players have come up from the age of 7 and are now giving back to the club & community, by becoming team managers, coaches & referees. We actively support the girls to develop their skills by investing in the younger teams and this is proving invaluable to both the younger & older players. Currently we have 5 senior girl players, coaching & managing the younger teams and they are amazing (one was even voted for FA Coach of the year -photo included!). We want to do our best to support them, with the best training they deserve for all the voluntary time they give up, but cannot always afford this. Many of our players have become teachers, police women, professional footballers & football managers / coaches due to the skills & very positive experience they have had at our club. We believe in the Respect FA code of conduct and are proud of the young women our players have become. We want our players to be the best they can be, in all aspects of their game & in their life, but we need the financial support to do this. We also want to reach out to as many new girls who need us & in order to do this, we need enough kit & equipment. Please help us to deliver the best we can give to our girls by supporting this highly valuable community club for our young people - Our club really needs support this year.

Denham United Ladies Football Club

Moment of Pride

We are very proud of how our girls develop whilst at our club. Many young people have different challenges & stresses & it is our pleasure to support the girls through their younger years. We believe in happy childhoods, a love of sport & personal growth. We believe in supporting community

Location: Uxbridge