Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Mayfield Nurseries would like to set up a cafe to improve our local community's wellbeing and to support those who use our mental health and dementia services at our nursery. By offering a space, where people can connect and learn new ways to improve their wellbeing such as mindfulness sessions, crafting, inspiration trees and board games, over a cuppa, we can set to improve our community's happiness. This project will also benefit our current service users with mental health issues by giving them the opportunity to learn catering and customer service skills to improve their confidence, self esteem and transferrable skills.

Loneliness in all ages has a detrimental affect on our physical and mental wellbeing and for many reasons it is increasing in todays society. It's not the quanity of our social interaction that can combat loneliness but the quality of these interactions. Having meaningful interactions and relationships can reduce the negative health consequnces. Setting up a happiness cafe where people can take part in the wellbeing activities on offer, will enable our community to cultivate new friendships and meet one another face to face for meaningful social interactions to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

The money from this award will enable us to purchase the resources we need to start our happiness cafe. This includes wellbeing boards , games, crafting materials and money fo sessional speakers and activities. It will also enable us to train our existing project members in food hygiene and basic catering , offering them the necessary skills to help run our project to build their skills, confidence and self esteem.

A community is not just about geography. It is about feeling connected and having a sense of caring. Without this there is no sense of community.

Mayfield Nurseries

Moment of Pride

Mayfield Nurseries offers anyone in Southampton with a mental health issue, help support and advice. Starting a happiness cafe will enable us to support self care, promote wellbeing and offer a space for people to connect so we can further improve our communitys mental health and resilience.

Location: Southampton