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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Our Older LGBTQ Ageing Well project is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ) people 60+ looking for a sense of community, support and information. The project provides those 60+ with a number of regular social activities, meet ups and trips. The group also gives individuals information about other services available and makes connections for individuals within the community in Brighton and Hove to other support services.

We know that there is a real need for our project as older LGBTQ people face multiple issues. Very often older LGBTQ people are invisible and we know that ageism is something that many have experienced as the LGBTQ culture can often focus on the younger generations. As a result older LGBTQ people are increasingly experiencing loneliness, isolation and a lost identity. Our project gives older LGBTQ folk the opportunity to meet with others in an informal and safe setting where they can be themselves and age well!

Isolation and loneliness is often the result of older LGBTQ folk experiencing other significant life events and increasingly we know that people are wanting support when they are bereaved. For older LGBTQ people there is often a reluctance to talk openly about bereavement as the nature of LGBTQ relationships for older people can be more complicated than for young LGBTQ people. We have to remember that for a gay couple who may have been together for 30 + years, much of their relationship would have been at a time when there were not the same laws and freedoms that we experience today. Therefore having a space where people can meet with others that they identify with is so important.

A recent member of our group attended a drop in a few weeks following a bereavement. They live alone and the weekly coffee meet up provides a real life line for them (and many others). After one such meeting they gave us the following feedback, "I felt really suicidal when I came to the last group. I didn't really care if I got knocked over by a bus. But somehow by the end of the session I felt better, and I even had a laugh about something. I'm glad you're here, I know I will see a friendly face who I can talk to."

We believe that people should vote for our project because we are providing a vital space for older LGBTQ people to come together to be themselves free from prejudice or judgement - for many they will have spent much of their lives fearing just that. We provide the space, information and support where older LGBTQ people can age well - supporting their health and wellbeing and celebrating what it means to grow old fabulously!

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We are proud of our project because we are providing a space where older LGBTQ people can meet in a safe environment, free from prejudice or judgement. Together we celebrate difference and diversity and support people to age well, be themselves and be fabulous!

Location: Brighton