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Funding level: Up to £1,000

Supported by: NMJ Insurance Barry Fenton


To provide the children of Bramham Primary School with new outdoor play equipment.

Bramham Primary School is a small, but vibrant village school. Since 2005, pupil numbers have grown dramatically from 35 to the current intake of 153. The school has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, and is now a desirable choice with an established reputation, providing an ‘Excellence for All’ education for primary age children living in the local community.

Many of the children attending the school live in Bramham, but a significant proportion also attend from the neighbouring villages of Clifford, Boston Spa and Aberford. It is predicted that the school will continue to grow to around 210 pupils, as the reception intake stays at 30 children. The school has strong links with the local community, and is very much part of the village.


Three years ago, when the intake was growing rapidly, it was necessary for the school the install two new classrooms to accommodate the expanding year groups. As the existing building infrastructure couldn’t be extended, the new classrooms were positioned within the playground. Unfortunately, this meant that the few pieces of existing play equipment, by the side of the playground at the time, needed to be moved to allow the classrooms to be built. It was hoped that the equipment could be repositioned, but sadly this wasn’t the case. It was discovered that the old equipment was no longer in good condition, and rotten in places. It was deemed not safe for the children to play on, and had to be removed completely. The children are now left with an empty playground and a bare area of grass.

From that moment, the school council, with representatives from each year group, have had their sights set on replacing the play equipment. The children are fortunate to be able to enjoy a large outdoor space; however they don’t have any play equipment (which is accessible to children of all years) to test their climbing skills, improve their coordination and balance, enhance their agility and strength, and also importantly, to boost their social skills and improve their mental health.

Children are naturally drawn to playing outdoors, to spending time in the fresh air and being active. And there is a huge amount of evidence to show the considerable benefits to outdoor play. From creative and imaginative play, to improving health and well-being, to gaining independence and self confidence. This project is absolutely vital to ensure the children of the Bramham community are given that chance.

Unfortunately due to funding restraints, there are no available funds to replace the equipment. It is the wish of Friends of Bramham School (FOBS) to be able to help the school council with their dream of transforming their school playground into a fun and stimulating environment. The children themselves are involved in deciding which pieces of play equipment will be suitable and provide the most enjoyment and challenge. FOBS are organising fundraising events (such as a quiz night and Halloween Spooktacular) to help raise funds towards this important project for the school.

We would like people to support Bramham Primary School and our project to transform the playground with new play equipment, as through it the children, the youngest members of our community, are given the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle in their early years, and reap the benefits that this has to offer.

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Friends of Bramham School

Moment of Pride

Friends of Bramham School, who play an integral role in the local community, are proud to support this project as providing outdoor play equipment for the children to explore and use allows them to develop their physical capabilities in a fun and natural way. Exercise at it's best!

Location: Bramham