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Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are looking for funding to support Hothouse Theatre's 20th Anniversary Season. The intension is use this season to celebrate several aspects of the project in a way that attracts new actors, new audiences and uses new venues.

The aim is to engage people of all abilities and backgrounds in the creative process, to develop self confidence, self esteem and aspiration. We also intend to develop relationships with other community organisations and charities, through encouraging them to 'host' the performances as fund raisers, which will bring them into our network and help to demonstrate the power of creativity in promoting their work and dressing the issues in the community.

The outcome will be to develop a resource for the community that allows individuals, community projects and local charities to benefit from the developmental power of creativity through performance. This will help both individuals and community organisations reach their full potential and in the process make for a stronger community.

The 20th Season will consist of:

Classic Ghost Stories - A short series of classic ghost stories using the original prose in a 'live radio technique' and 'split narrative' in the style we first used very successfully with Pinocchio earlier this year. The actors will be producing sound effects from the stage using 'foley' techniques. We aim to focus on using all new venues where theatre has not been use before. The reduced space needed for this style of performance opens up many opportunities for this.

Shakespeare Showcase - 10 min sections of some of Shakespeare best work, giving new actors and directors a chance to 'have a go'. Venues will include community centres and local theatre spaces.

A Crisis in the Life of Norbert Grimshaw - This play by local playwright was Hothouse theatre's first production 20 years ago and was a great success. We will be offering new actors who took part in the Showcase the chance to progress to a full play in this excellent piece of fringe theatre.

Our aim is to involve 30 people in the all aspect of the production. These will include people all levels of ability and experience. Each production will be fully publicised and will focus on generating audiences that are new to small scale theatre.

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Hothouse Theatre

Moment of Pride

Over 20 years Hothouse Theatre engaged people of all abilities and backgrounds in the creative process, to develop self confidence, self esteem and aspiration on a vast range of projects. Many of those involved have progressed in ways that they would never have dreamt of, using transferable skills

Location: Nottingham


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