Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Men’s Sheds provide a social and practical outlet for men, many of whom might otherwise become isolated. “Sheds”have become recognised as major contributor to the improvement of men’s health and wellbeing. The Men’s Shed movement recognises the particular challenges which men face around life changes such as retirement, social isolation and a lack of established social circles once away from the working environment, and also the isolation and lack of direction which men can experience due to long-term unemployment. A Men’s Shed provides facilities to address needs particular to men and the different ways in which men live, communicate and interact. A common saying is that “Men don’t talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder”.

Planning Permission and a Building Warrant were obtained during 2015 for conversion of the Royal British Legion undercroft to be a Men’s Shed. Because of the high cost, the following two years were taken up with investigating several other options; however these did not come to fruition, mainly owing to issues of planning permission. The decision has now been taken to proceed with the conversion of the British Legion undercroft, in two phases:

Phase 1: Convert one of the Royal British Legion garage bays to be a Men’s Shed Workshop (approx £20,000). We aim to complete Phase 1 by end 2018. Sufficient funding has been secured for Phase 1.

Phase 2: Convert the open area of the undercroft to be a social area and further workshop space (estimate: £50,000. Subject to successful fundraising, Phase 2 would commence in Q1 2019.
This application is for Phase 2, the open area. A contribution from AVIVA would enable applications to other bodies, who require substantial Match Funding to be in place before they will make a grant.

Banchory and District Men's shed

Moment of Pride

Men at risk of isolation will find fellowship and a purpose in life. Members will pass on their skills to each other and the wider community. For instance, silversmithing classes, and 'surgeries' to help people needing computer technical assistance.

Location: Banchory