Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We have a well-used and vibrant church hall, used by a large number of Community groups not formally attached to the church. Many of these are involved in areas of health and well-being, enabling people to meet and share in activities together.
These various activities combat loneliness and isolation, offer opportunities to learn new skills and enable people to have fun, increasing their general well-being.
Some of the users of the Hall include U3A, enabling older people to meet and learn together, Bridge Club and Baby Signing
In the areas of health and fitness we have groups which offer, Karate, Tai Chi, , and a dance group. The church also runs a Stay and Play enabling parents and carers to meet, network and be supported.
Social events. our own, and those of other groups, and concerts and choir workshops also feature in our regular hall users and we also offer the facility for people in the local community to hold children's birthday parties.
Our rents are not high compared to other local facilities as we are seeking to be of service in our area.

We had planned an extensive repair to our hall Roof as it was leaking and the works had been scoped under professional instruction and £75,000 raised. Unfortunately when the work began it was realised that there were significant extra works required that had not originally come to light. In order to do these we need an extra £100,000. This is well beyond our means and we are seeking help to make the repair possible and to bring the hall back into commission as soon as possible as currently the main hall is shut until initial repairs can be done.
We would like to return to the vibrant buzzing hall which is offering much for the well-being of local people.

Among the images below are pictures of the hall both out of use and in use.

St Faith and St Laurence Church Harborne

Moment of Pride

We offer community space to a wide range of organisations. When the hall is operational, we experience a footfall of upwards of 500 people a week who benefit from it being there for them. The vast majority of those are not members of the church so this is something intentionally offered to them

Location: Balden Road, Birmingham, UK