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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Central England Concert Band {CECB) has, over many years, provided musical entertainment to a high level. Audiences have responded well and have made comments such as ‘amazing’ and ‘very professional’. As a ‘community band’ it has encouraged players across a range of abilities to make music and develop as players. For the players it has been an opportunity to find fulfilment, also to enjoy great friendships with other members. The variety of music played has given opportunity for both audience and players to enjoy their own preferences in music.

CECB band was formed around 1980 as the Black Watch Association Band, with the majority of its members coming from a military background. Following relocation to the United Services Club in Birmingham City Centre the band was renamed the Birmingham United Services Concert Band. For a short while in the 90’s the band reformed as the Rover Group Concert Band, rehearsing on the Longbridge site, before becoming the CECB in 1999 to reflect the area the majority of our members come from. It was established to enable musicians of all ages and abilities to play together for their own enjoyment and for the benefit of the local community. It seeks to maintain the concept of being a community band which encourages players, usually 12 years of age and over. Providing a welcoming, friendly and inclusive atmosphere for its members. There are no audition requirements, Grade 5 or above is usually a guide to the minimum standard. The aim is to encourage anyone to attend who has some musical skill in wind, brass or percussion instruments.

We play a wide range of repertoire including film music such as James Bond, and How to Train your Dragon, hits from the musicals, marches, and more established wind band music such as the works of Holst, Vaughan Williams and Arnold.

It strives continuously to improve everyone’s understanding and performance and, also to be able to play all types and styles of music. CECB is an asset to the local community and surrounding areas. It organises rehearsals and opportunities for entertaining in public and other venues, performing concerts at local venues such as community centres, churches, parks, schools and other suitable locations each year. The band also supports charitable events. Members pay a small subscription which goes towards venue hire, engaging a Musical Director, new music and the other costs involved in running the band. We encourage new members, especially young people by advertising, communicating with local schools, groups and by word of mouth. CECB recognises the importance of Equal Opportunities and will offer support to those who wish to join who may have a disability or other circumstances that could exclude them from such opportunities.

In striving to contribute to the community CECB would like to put on a concert to celebrate the many opportunities available to help people so they may be given the opportunity to develop skills that can help them move on into employment and by equipping them with life skills.

The aim is to access funding for the band to cover such costs as sheet music, an appropriate venue, publicity and a musical director and so celebrate the many opportunities to be 'fulfilled, skilled and employed'.

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central england concert band

Moment of Pride

I learned to play a musical instrument late in life and at all times I have been welcomed and have been able to extend my musical skills, and friendships.

Location: Birmingham B43 7SD, UK