Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000

Supported by: T L Dallas & Co Ltd


Our project is a Christmas meal event for our older clients and carers to ensure they have at least one festive meal this year, with a chance to socialise and feel better about life. The funding will specifically pay for a Christmas meal for 50 older people, carers and those they care for.

We want to help local people be more involved in the festive period by taking part in a Christmas meal with like-minded people. Our client groups, Young at Heart and Well-being Carers Cafés, serve at least 50 individuals throughout the year. Christmas can be a lonely time for many who maybe live alone or are isolated due to health issues.

Our groups serving these clients not only impacts on the people attending but on their families and the community as a whole.

We hope by holding a Christmas meal event this will go a long way towards improving the wellbeing and outlook of these individuals.

Sedbergh Youth & Community Centre

Moment of Pride

Our outcomes are substantial and impact greatly on local issues and problems. Our wide range of regular activities & support systems are low cost (sometimes free) which means people can afford to commit. We take interest in our clients on a personal level and provide ongoing support.

Location: Bradford