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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


In recent consultations young people in the Deighton area expressed the devastating impact the removal of their local park has had on them.

Deighton is situated in the top 20% most deprived council wards within the UK, an area which has seen a loss of youth provisions and a significant rise in crime and gang violence. Since the removal of the park, concerns of safety have risen amongst parents and guardians with young people expressing not being able to play outside now the park is no longer there.

In 2016 the local park, situated on Riddings road, central to the community was removed without any prior notice. The community have expressed that the park was the only adequate and designated environment for young people and families to socialise and explore safely. After speaking with the local authority we found that local parks were under review and the park equipment was due to be upgraded so it was removed for safety reasons. There is no guarantee a park will be reinstated in the future and the community are keen for action!

The park was essential to the development of young people’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional wellbeing. ‘Free play’ offered the opportunity for parents to fully engage with their children and it promoted social mixing within the community.

In our recent consultation young people were asked ‘what would they change about their community? Bringing back the park ranked number one on their list. Young people expressed how the loss of the park has affected them and shared their memories of playing there. Conscious Youth CIC would like to develop the passion and interest shown by local young people into a youth-led social action project.

Conscious Youth have raised £5,000 of funding to get the project off the ground; this will support the consultation event and fundraising activities and other costs. The Aviva Community Fund will support the costs of materials to create an outdoor play area for the local community.

Kirklees Council and local social housing provider Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing are committed to supporting the project.

“As local councillors, we support this participatory-led project. The work Conscious Youth are doing to engage young people in the design and implementation of the project is really important. It is also clear there is a desire for a local play area as the area encompasses a number of families. We fully support this project” Ashbrow Ward Councillors.

Large local businesses and organisations such as Keepmoat Homes and Cummins Turbo Technologies and have offered supporting the project with landscaping, the development of play equipment and volunteering.

“Cummins believes in building prosperous communities. Spaces such as parks are important for our ecosystem and biodiversity but they are equally important for us to gain access to nature and to provide areas for socialisation and communal gatherings, relaxation and leisure. We believe in equality of opportunity and that the community in Deighton should have this on their doorstep. We are happy to be involved and lend the skills of our employees to fulfil the aims of this project” Lucy Bristow, Cummins Turbo Technologies.

Young people will lead a community consultation to find out what the community would like. They will invite local businesses and organisations to their pitch with the aim to gain skills, resources and sponsorship to support the development of the park. By young people leading the project they will develop a sense of ownership, accountability and develop their understanding and knowledge of local democracy. The project will be a great example of community activism which we believe will inspire others and create a lasting legacy. To win the Aviva Community Fund would be a massive driving force for this project and would sure set morals high amongst the whole community.

Conscious Youth C.I.C

Moment of Pride

We are proud that local young people have shown an overwhelming amount of passion and self-belief to drive this project forward. It is amazing to see a cross generation of people coming together from the community for a common goal and purpose.

Location: Deighton, Huddersfield, UK