Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The creation of and participation in a crate stacking activity at Lowther Adventure will make people in Northamptonshire Scouting and the wider community to feel better on a number of levels by improving physical, mental and emotional health and by boosting social interaction.

Crate Stacking is a fun exercise for all of the team to get involved with; every member of the team will be constantly engaged. Some members of the team are attached to ropes to build the tower from the ground up to the top, the rest of the group will be learning to manage the ropes to keep their team mates safe, or passing crates to them to help achieve a taller tower. It is truly amazing how high some teams manage to stack. It creates a great competition involving teamwork together with using balance, co-ordination and planning skills to keep stacking. The stacker attempts to create a stack of crates up to 8 metres high! The catch is, the stacker needs to stand on the tower as they're building it, build a crate stack as high as possible and before it topples!

Outdoor adventurous activities provides everyone with a refreshing break from our monotonous life, gives us opportunities to socialise and to pursue different challenges. Scouting supports empowering young people to decide, design and implement their own programme and experiences, and guides them to make decisions with their peers on the future of Scouting and further opportunities for the community. The opportunity of choice empowers young people to shape their Scouting experience locally and at a national level.

Crate stacking can help people take control of their physical and mental health by exercising through personal and team challenge and is open to people of all ages and situations with engagement through the changing roles throughout the session so that everyone gets a turn at climbing and helping with the ropes.

Lowther Adventure is truly at the heart of the wider community and supports other charities locally with activity days and team building activities for local groups to development self esteem and self confidence specifically our most vulnerable groups locally through the activities that we provide and deliver as volunteers.

By gaining the Aviva community fund this will allow us to create this ever requested crate stacking activity to enable people of all ages to experience new challenges and to boost and develop further skills for life.

Lowther Adventure - Northamptonshire County Scout Council

Moment of Pride

As a team of adult volunteers, our innovative spirit & ability to make things happen is vital in developing the young people. We make an impact on the lives of young people through the sharing of skills and the challenge of adventure. To support and see the young people develop is truly priceless.

Location: Glendon


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