Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We are a charitable company who took over the running of a small community swimming pool six and a half years ago when it was threatened with closure by the local council. We provide swimming lessons and activities mainly for children aged 0 - 8, water fitness activities for adults and one to one swimming lessons for all. Our pool is 10m by 5m, is just over 1m deep and is housed in a mainly wooden building built in the early 1980s. Since taking over, we have improved much of the plant that runs the pool, added new and improved changing facilities and built a new reception area. We have done this by increasing use of the pool, local fundraising and looking for grants such as this. We are a small group of 8 Trustees and a dedicated group of local staff.

The building that houses the pool is now in urgent need of upgrading, being over 35 years old. The wooden cladding and the windows are rotting which is both potentially dangerous and also means that the insulation of the building is poor, making it more expensive to heat. The cost of this upgrade is way beyond the income of the pool so we are fundraising locally and looking for all possible sources of money. The total cost of the upgrade will be £40 000.

This work will secure the future of the pool which currently has over 800 individual visits per week. We provide lessons for just over 450 young people per week from very young babies to local primary schools. We keep our pool at a relatively high 32 degrees Celsius for comfort and have a high ratio of staff to pupils, having 2 teachers in with each group of 12 pupils. We train our own staff, many of them having started as apprentices at our pool since we took over in 2012. We have lots of local support with other oragnisations in the Wirksworth Area donating to our charity as well as individual donations and bequests. Our aim is to be a true community resource in the long term and as such we need to secure the future of our building in order to ensure the future of the pool as a charitable business and so the services it offers to young people adults in our community.

We believe that it is vital that all young people learn to swim. This is important not only for their future safety but also as an excellent way of staying fit and enjoying exercise. We also feel that the health activities we provide to older people and rehabilitation exercise to those who have had health difficulties are very worthwhile and valued and we want to guarantee these.

We hope that you will see the value of our project and want to support our pool. Thank you.

Wirksworth Swimming Pool

Moment of Pride

We are proud of our dedicated staff who have worked so hard to build up the business since taking it over when it was threatened with closure. Working with our Trustees, they have trebled the number of users and improved the facilities and provide a wonderful community resource.

Location: Wirksworth