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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Opera is a beautiful form of art that combines story-telling and theatre with amazing music and great singing. However, it also has a reputation for being difficult, expensive and out of reach.

We believe that it doesn't have to be like that: in the end, it is about telling stories and conveying emotion through sound, and this is universal and something to which we all can relate.

We have been creating new opera and bringing it out of its usual theatres and into unusual spaces in Peckham for two years now, and this time, for our third opera, we want to get even closer to the community in Peckham, by hosting a free preview for local schools, associations and our neighbours in the area. Our opera re-tells a story that we all think we know well -Robin Hood's- through a different prism and in the beautiful language of opera. It will feature an amazing team of promising young talent, led by an all-female creative team that will add a new perspective to the story.

We believe that music and art are for sharing as widely as possible, and this is what this project pursues: to bring the community together around an evening of storytelling and music. The impact of music and gatherings like this one in the well-being of audiences and communities is one not to be underestimated: the experience of sharing art can be a very strong one, especially if presented in a context where performers and audience are in close proximity so that the power of the music and drama are felt more strongly.

Our project also aims to challenge preconceptions around opera, to show how universal and accessible and fun it can be, and to inspire some young minds about what music and theatre can do when combined like this, and hopefully to want to do the same, or to keep discovering this genre, or the performing arts in general.

Please help us make this a reality: the funding we are applying for would go a long way and can make a real difference in making this a reality, as it covers the costs of such a performance. It is one evening, but its effects can last a lifetime.

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The Opera Story

Moment of Pride

Creating new art is an almost magical experience: to start with a simple idea for a piece, and to see how it grows through the work of many people into a concrete musical and theatre experience is simply amazing, and being able to share it with as many as possible inspires us and makes us proud.

Location: Bussey Building, London, UK


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