Funding level: Up to £1,000

Supported by: Ernest R Shaw


The Polzeath Marine Conservation Group is a self-funding group of volunteers whose work is the conservation and monitoring of the local marine environment. We do this by running fun, engaging and educational events which include rock pool rambles, guided walks, evening talks, beach cleans, art sessions and an annual Polzeath Marine Discovery Day. Our events are organised to appeal to all community groups, ages and abilities, from school classes and brownie/cub groups to the elderly and disabled and provide access for all.
We support our Voluntary Marine Conservation Area and run the only independent marine centre in Cornwall.
Our group offers volunteer opportunities for all ages too, which encourages better community inclusion, health and wellbeing quite apart from the considerable benefit to the environment. Enthusiasm and a smile is all we require as training is given as needed. For the last 3 years we have sponsored a university student through a 3-month placement volunteering with us as part of their marine biology degree. This has enabled them to live in the village for the 3 months and help us to have the marine centre open 6 hours a day 7 days a week through the summer months to explain to visitors what we do and to help us run our events.

As the group becomes more in the public eye with past projects being so successful we are getting more requests from not only local schools, but from across the country to organise day events as part of their curriculum and are really struggling to be able to accommodate them as the marine centre is so small and the weather so variable from hour to hour. The marine centre is leased from Cornwall Council so alterations to its size are not possible however, we have decided to fund raise to develop the area outside by levelling and putting stone down, fencing the back to make the stream running parallel inaccessible to children and creating an underwater theme to the area to also make it look more appealing to encourage the public to visit us and learn about our work and how they can do really small things to improve their own environments. To make the space more versatile we also want to put a sail like covering which can be put up easily and quickly in inclement weather which will reduce the chances of cancellation or disruption to the event.

Polzeath Marine Conservation Group and Marine centre

Moment of Pride

I am proud of the Polzeath Marine Conservation Group which is a dedicated group of regular volunteers. In the last 2 years they have raised awareness of the single use plastic pollution problem so much that they have been able to install 2 water bottle refill stations #H2O4Free.

Location: Polzeath