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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) of Elm Park Primary School, with the support of Winterbourne FC, our local RunTogether (England Athletics) group and The Greenfield Club are raising funds for a 400m all-weather running track and all-purpose outdoor classroom at Elm Park Primary School to benefit our school children and community groups.

As a state-funded primary school in South Gloucestershire, we are extremely lucky to have a large outdoor area. But without an all-weather surface or space, the grass field is under-utilised for much of the year. Our mission is to be able to provide a wonderful facility that can be used all year round by the school children and our community groups. Our Key Stage 2 children have started the ‘Daily Mile’ initiative this year which has had an immediate impact on their passion for exercise, personal development and attention spans. We desperately want to build on this enthusiasm, extending this initiative to the rest of the school. With the installation of all-climate facilities, we can enable our children and the wider community to stay physically active year round.

What initially started as a pipe-dream for the school has transformed into a shared goal for several local community groups. The project will provide facilities for not only children at the school, but for children and adults in the wider community, which is why it has ignited a sense of community spirit and passion for social inclusion - capturing the essence of the Winterbourne community.

With the inclusion of the wider community, our project has evolved to include an outdoor class room. Originally intended as somewhere for children to put their bags out of the elements, it has evolved into an area for team training, outdoor learning and environmental groups and clubs. It will be installed with disabled access to accommodate those who previously have been unable to access the fields at events. We are really pleased that this aspect of the project has led to a further dimension of social inclusion, ensuring the area promotes social and environmental well-being as we well as health and exercise.

The project will have indirect benefits for the community as well. The local after-school and holiday club provider, The Greenfield Club, serves over 100 families from a variety of primary schools in Winterboune and surrounding villages and makes use of the grassy field during good weather. Should our project be successful, they will also be able to offer outdoor play and learning opportunities year-round. For many parents, quality childcare can be difficult to find, but knowing that their children will be able to take advantage of outdoor play year-round will be a wonderful enhancement.

With exercise and social engagement falling by the way side in recent years, this project is a great way of instilling these qualities and skills in our children from a young age. We believe that by encouraging our children to exercise regularly at primary school they are more likely to continue into and beyond adolescence. The same applies to social engagement. Allowing the facilities to be used by wider community groups such as the football team, RunTogether (England Athletics) group and Greenfield Club, we believe that children and parents are more likely to join and engage in social groups.

The PTFA are spearheading this initiative to benefit our entire community. Our vision (and fundraising!) began last year with our incredibly successful Frome Valley 10k and DW Fitness First School Run events. We have worked tirelessly to raise the profile of sports and raise funds for our project. We all share a passion for providing our children with the best start in life and providing our community fitness and well-being opportunities.

We are very proud of what we are working to achieve, and hope you will give us all of your support.

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The Friends of Elm Park School

Moment of Pride

We are very proud of the community spirit and huge amount of support that our project has earned. By considering it as a community initiative we have broadened the possibilities for health and fitness as well as social and environmental well-being for the community as a whole.

Location: Winterbourne


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