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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


As part of our strong environmental ethos, we have integrated a Forest School Programme into our curriculum. At Sir Henry Fermor Primary School, we believe that the child should be treated as a whole person as they learn holistically - physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, culturally, morally and spiritually. To this affect, we aim to make the Forest School area safe and comfortable, a place where children can feel part of a group and capable of success. Forest School can meet these needs.

A Forest School Programme is an inspirational process that offers children regular opportunities to appreciate and enjoy their local woodlands. Our programme nurtures an understanding of and respect for natural places. Our children will experience nature at first hand through a series of engaging and achievable tasks. We aim to spark an imagination in the children that will give them memorable experiences to support their life learning and sense of well-being. The Forest School experience brings learning to life and improves a child’s ability to work co-operatively while offering the opportunities to take risks, make choices and initiate learning. At Fermor we are fortuntate to have two trained Level 3 Forest school leaders who are enthusiastic to deliver the Forest School sessions.

The use of a woodland-learning environment is complimentary, not separate to traditional classroom and playground learning and is highly child-centred. It can make a significant contribution to a pupil’s environmental awareness and respect for their surroundings, including an increased knowledge of local flora and fauna.

In addition, the Forest School sessions will include building self-confidence, self-esteem, co-operation and increasing levels of activity through – walking, climbing, running, jumping, team games and wider general health promotion including healthy eating and good mental health. All these health benefits are essential for children's good health and will have an impact as it will contribute to a child's self esteem and mental health. A non classroom environment gives children increased stimulation and encourages greater learning potential.

A bit about us:
We are fortunate to have a lovely wooded area on our school site that up until now has not been utilised as a learning environment. Currently it backs on to our key stage one playground and runs parallel to it and the children are tempted to run in it at playtimes. In order to establish a unique Forest School area we would like it to be separated from the rest of the school so we can use it purposely for Forest School.

We hope to develop it so that it is a safe area. We need a wooden fence to separate the playground from the site. In addition, we need an area to be zoned off for tool work and this will need to be a covered area. In the main body of the woods we want to create a fire pit area for cooking/stories/reflection times.

At Fermor school we believe that we have the potential to create a space that will be ecologically sound and the children (from reception to year 6) will be fully involved in its maintenance and care. We want the children to feel part of the project and we are planning for them to care for areas as part of their learning. The year 6 children have already started to clear the site. We want all children that attend Fermor to be included and to have a chance to be involved. One project planned is to ask children to design the entrance to the Forest School site as part of a competition. This will be a memorable experience for the children.

The money will make a huge difference as we will be able to create safe areas that we desperately need for the children in order to have the ultimate Forest School experience. Research shows that children will benefit from regular experiences within a natural space. Please vote for us at Fermor School Forest School, we just need a safe site to get us started!

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Moment of Pride

We are proud of this project as it is confronting a topical subject - children's wellbeing. There is much talk about children having low self-esteem and feeling inadequate and pressurised by the pressures of growing up in a multi media society. At Fermor we can contribute to changing this trend.

Location: Sir Henry Fermor School, Crowborough, UK