Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Yardley HC Outreach Programme is an initiative to get members of the community, active, engaged and involved in sporting activities for the benefit of each individuals Health and Wellbeing as well as community cohesion. The “Project Outreach” has 3 key areas it hope to target.

Area 1:
Yardley HC are seeking funding to work with local GP practices to encourage members of the community to be able to benefit from taking part in hockey sessions to help combat prevalent health issues within the community. Situated in South-East Birmingham, many of the local community have or are at risk of diabetes and other health conditions. An issue that affects a number of south asian families (but not limited to) in the area, Yardley HC look to support these people and the wider community by giving them the opportunity to engage in hockey sessions to allow them to become physically active and engaged in non-competitive and competitive sport.

By being able to actively engage members of the community to take up weekly sessions, it is hoped that this will further strengthen interest in the sport and making individuals want to continue this further. By being able to give the opportunity to participate, this will allow those who do take up sessions, to get active and in the long term, have a significant impact on their health and lifestyle. By doing this, it will help prevent some of these health issues particularly type 2 diabetes (lifestyle related) to bring about a healthier and happier community. The opportunities within this go further to allow individuals to meet new people from different background, meet together regularly, be social and enjoy themselves.

Area 2:
Our second focus is to support the next generation of society. WIth a large number of schools in the local area, this fund would enable us to reach out to more children to get involved in a sport they may not have experienced before. Working alongside schools and local police neighbourhood teams, we want to positively encourage young people to channel energies into fun, competitive and healthy competition, allowing to help reduce crime, anti-social behaviour.

Within this alone would be further opportunities to develop via player pathways within and beyond the club, merit for coaching and umpiring roles for which this fund could support CPD and qualifications and experience volunteering for other qualifications on match days and training sessions. With this, given chance to grow our own coaches, we would be able to support schools with coaching sessions to further interest young people as well as provide schools with the opportunity to run hockey clubs, which they may not do otherwise, exposing our communities to new skills, sports and chances.

Area 3:
Our final target would be to work with the local children’s trust to enable a range of looked after children in being able to attend sessions without charge. Providing opportunities for our vulnerable young people, will give them a chance to express themselves, develop their interpersonal and life skills and equip them with new skills they may wish to develop further. It is vitally important that we provide opportunities not only for health benefits but for social skills and relations too. Again, through regular sessions, we would look to support the health and wellbeing of individuals as well as encouraging families to get involved to provide opportunity to strengthen family relations and give alternative choices to family bonding time.

This fund would enable us to grow our own coaches by financially supporting CPD and qualifications to be able to deliver our coaching sessions programme in schools, support our target groups with equipment (including sticks, mouth guards and other protection, club branded uniform - shirts etc), facilities hire to be able to run these sessions and support the competitive and non-competitive development of our audiences as well as materials to enable us to promote this.

Yardley Hockey Club

Moment of Pride

This project is run by members of Yardley HC who work in the education, health and other sectors. Daily working with people from all walks of life in these sectors and beyond has made us realise we too need to give back something to the community as a club

Location: Small Heath, Birmingham, UK