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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Nocton Village Social Club Aviva Grant Application Oct2018 (v2)

Nocton is a small rural village of about 320 houses, south of Lincoln. It was one of the original Lincolnshire estate villages, well known in the past when Smiths Crisps grew most of their potatoes here.
The village doesn’t have much in the way of infrastructure, with no pub or shops and so the village hall & social club building, is very much the heart of our community.
It provides the venue for virtually all the village social activities. These include Parish Council & whole village meetings, Arts and Handicrafts, Youth Club, W.I, Carpet bowls, Keep-Fit etc, Dances, Dinners, Talks & lectures and particularly social interaction and recreation through the village Social Club, within the building.

The Parish Council own the land, but on condition that the village hall was run and maintained by them, (through the Nocton village hall management committee, NVHMC). The existing hall was opened in 1984, serving the residents of Nocton and visitors well.

However, in 2011 it was found that the concrete base of the hall was compromised, so causing damage internally, mainly to the kitchen, toilets and the small bar that it is in the social club area.
Fixing the foundations meant removing the internal structure. The cost of this and the resulting refurbishment was far more than the ageing and inefficient hall merited financially.

What has been done so far.
The recent Parish Plan highlighted that a new village hall was high on the list of wishes and a questionnaire to ascertain what exactly residents wanted was very successful with a large response from current users of the hall and those that would if the new premises were more inviting, warmer and fit for purpose in the 21st century.

Funding for a new building.
So, plans have been drawn up and the project now has planning approval.
The projected costs, including all the necessary requirements of the various statutory bodies, is quite significant approaching £500,000. Some matched funding may be available to the Parish Council from various grant sources but appears very limited at the moment. However, alternative funding by way of a long-term loan has been approved by the village residents in a recent village-wide survey & vote. The intention is to start work in early 2019, with completion as soon as possible with-in the coming year.

How Aviva`s grant will help us.
The in-house Social Club is a permanent tenant of the building and run on a `not for profit` basis, with all costs kept to a minimum and to maximize the benefit to the community. Each and every resident of the village is automatically eligible to be a club social member. Full membership carries voting rights and carries the nominal fee of £2 p.a. But the club welcomes everyone and we have a dog friendly policy to encourage our village visitors who enjoy the local country walks.

Various fund-raising events include regular quiz nights, festivals, other social activities etc and will continue until closure, however a vast amount of money is needed for the club's refit.

However, it now faces the next serious challenge of raising more funds itself to rebuild & re-equip, including new bar, cellar/stores, seating, signage etc. if the club is to continue to provide the current and only local facilities, much enjoyed by the village residents. Therefore, we have recently set up our own dedicated fundraising account which will be for refitting out the social club.

An Aviva award would help us enormously to rebuild our club, to create a welcoming, comfortable, friendly environment and provide the much needed & undervalued social interaction, within our rural community. Your help would be appreciated enormously by our village residents.

Nocton Social Club

Moment of Pride

The Social club is run entirely by volunteers, on a `not for profit` basis; and without whom the club would cease to operate as it does. There is a great sense of pride and achievement from providing a very friendly, welcoming venue for invaluable social interaction.

Location: Nocton