Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We want every one of the 650 pupils in the school community to have the opportunity to enhance their learning through dynamic, interactive and modern technology

The days of ‘chalk and talk’ in the classroom are no longer. Many pupils these days can gain an early appreciation of the use of technology through using ipads or computers at home. For them it becomes second nature, and learning in the classroom needs to keep pace. However, not every pupil has the opportunity to engage with this technology and we aim to increase accessibility for every pupil in our school community. We feel that this engagement is fundamental to develop skills for their future at home, work and life skills.

The aim of Rathmore PTA members is to ensure, despite some harsh cuts to school funding, that the pupils in our school community have access to interactive equipment and resources to create a stimulating, immersive environment to which in turn can support and enhance learning in all subjects throughout their primary school life.

Our goal is to raise enough money to pay to have Interactive Display boards in every one of the 23 classrooms in the school.

This resource is a large interactive screen which is the focus of the classroom, and can be used by individuals or groups and supported by online resources. This gives pupils the opportunity to interact and collaborate through the technology with each other and teaching staff, encouraging creative ideas and enhanced problem solving through challenges. Learning is more fun and it has additional benefits as it also enables teachers to support all types of learners by using both visual, audio and interactive presentations. Staff benefit from the use of this technology because it cuts down on the need for physical resources and time dedicated to their creation enabling them to dedicate more time to learning in the classroom. Teachers can download and utilize all sorts of great safe learning resources through a linked laptop. Through this teaching method the class time can match the exciting way that pupils are learning from and playing with IT at home.

We think these resources are Interactive, Creative and Stupendous!

We know adding one of these to each classroom will make a big difference. At the moment the school has a mixture of chalkboards, drywipe white boards, and so far we have fundraised enough to buy 5 interactive whiteboards. Success in the Avia Community Fund will help us reach our goal more quickly. Each Board costs £2500. We are busy with fundraising events and raising other donations and this year we hope to put in place another 5 Boards through our year’s work.

We are asking for people to vote for the project because we know that it is achievable and a £1000 donation from the Aviva Community Fund can make a big and quick difference to our fundraising and as to when we are able to buy the next interactive board and making the class room experience for another 28 pupils even more special.

Rathmore Parent Teachers Association

Moment of Pride

It makes us proud to see the pupils learning, co-operating and developing their skills through use of this technology. Parents and teachers working closely together to achieve this goal, strengthens the sense of school community for the benefit of every one of the 650 children.

Location: Rathmore Road, Bangor, UK