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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


The current boats that are used by the junior rowers are approximately 10 to 12 years old. These boats are starting to show their age through the constant use they have had. This means that frequent repair and remedial work needs to be carried out to keep them safe and functional. All new equipment acquired by Worthing Rowing Club is primarily for use by the junior section (under 18 years old) and they are given priority with regard to the use of new equipment. Any new funding will allow Worthing Rowing Club to replace one of the old and worn out boats used by the junior section. We would like funding for a new coastal coxed four boat that can be used for under 18 rowing sculling training and racing. A fully equipped boat will cost over £10000. Additional funding sources are being sought to complete this boat funding project.
The overall goal for Worthing Rowing Club is to make rowing accessible and fulfilling for all those who participate. The volunteers who are involved with coaching and looking after members work under British Rowing guidelines (the sport national governing body) and participate in recognised coaching training programmes. All training and participation in rowing that is undertaken by members of Worthing Rowing Club is tailored to suit the individuals with regard to ability, expectations and aspirations.
Participating in rowing, a sport that is not part of the normal school’s sports curriculum, will potentially provide a means for young people to get involved in a physical activity that perhaps they were not aware of. It also provides them with a means to gain a skill and improve fitness. The funding will enable us to sustain and grow the junior section. We currently have approximately 20 participants in the Under 18 age group and intend to grow this in the forthcoming years. The funding will mean that we will not have to ration the use of equipment.
Participating and transport to local, regional and national rowing events can be time consuming and expensive. We need to seek additional funding to make this easier, more fulfilling and cheaper for those who take part whilst still providing access to a good standard of equipment.
The council ward that the club and many of the young people live in is situated in Wards listed in the top 20% or wards in the national indices of multiple deprivation. Access to leisure and sport facilities therefore needs to be widened. The funding will mean that we can extend our facilities to more people in the local community that currently has a low level of such facilities to use. Participation in rowing is a good way to get fit. In addition to this, taking part in rowing provides people with a means to gain confidence through the acquisition of a new skill. Competing in rowing events provides a good team building environment for individuals. All of these elements are useful in developing wider life skills. Through encouraging people to take up rowing and become active contributors to the club, especially young people of school age. Worthing Rowing Club’s aim is to be a prominent asset in the community and a successful competitive coastal rowing club. We have a club building in the centre of Worthing, that we would like to make more use of by increasing the frequency of use of these facilities and the equipment within.
We have recently been successful in increasing the junior membership of Worthing Rowing Club and wish to keep up this increase in interest from under 18s. This will be helped enormously by the ability to provide new equipment for them to use.

Worthing Rowing Club

Moment of Pride

We take pride in being an inclusive, open and democratic club. We have seen people who do not normally take part in sport gain self-confidence, win championships and go on to be a key leader within the club. The skills learnt and confidence gained has helped them in their wider endeavours.

Location: Worthing