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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The future of Sandgate Hydrotherapy Pool will depend on being able to continue providing a first-class hydrotherapy service at the best possible costs. The Hydrotherapy Pool Renewable Energy Project will not only address the escalating costs of providing hydrotherapy services but also will be environmentally friendly maximizing the use of ‘green energy’ and energy conservation.

The project will be costly, and we have been specifically raising funds for the last three years. We currently have assets on deposit of about £50,000 which will cover our costs for a about a year as funding is not certain from any of our main partners. We also have reserved funds of about £100,000 in addition for The Renewable Energy and New Roof Project. We intend to contribute significantly to the project from these current deposits which have accumulated from fundraising in the community and generous donations from users and their families. However, to complete the project, we will need additional grant funding from a range of sources.
We need to avoid passing on the rising energy costs which are a significant part of our budget, to the Pool users by reducing the burden as much as possible by making the pool more energy efficient and utilising renewable energy technology. As energy prices continue to rise it may become a problem for the continued running of the pool as it is so important to maintain a high pool and ambient temperature.

The project will deliver a reduction in running costs, resulting in increased sustainability enabling us to continue the prudent management of the pool. It will also demonstrate a commitment to reducing carbon emissions. It may even result in generating revenue if excess energy is created. The options available for reducing energy costs were assessed and recommended in the Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) report . This report showed that the roof which is a double skinned fibre-glass roof and is over 40 years old loses a lot of heat energy. A survey by Lakes Renewables reported that it was NOT possible to install Solar PV Panels on the present ‘wave’ roof which will NEED to be replaced.

This application comes at a stage in the overall project outlined in the CAfS report, we have undertaken some of the recommendations, and now need to undertake the final recommendations of replacing the old roof and to install solar voltaic roof panels.

The project will reap immediate benefits in terms of reduction in energy bills which is quantifiable and easily measured. Some figures are suggested in the CAfS reports.

This project will not create additional running costs, it will in fact lower them substantially the project will deliver reduced running costs for the pool. It is estimated by “Lakes Renewables” that if we have both the flat roof on the entrance hall and the main pool roof fitted with panels we could anticipate a 35% reduction in energy costs.
UHMB NHS FT (Consultants and Physiotherapists), Medical General Practioners and Physiotherapists currently refer patients to Sandgate Hydrotherapy Pool along with Health and Care Groups (Cancer Care, Arthritis Care, Multiple Sclerosis, Breast Care, Stroke Club, Sight Advice, Adult learning and training groups, Whinfell and Windmill, Headway, Sandgate, Underley Schools, WOSP (Kendal Day Services) The Pool is open 7 days a week 12 hours a day for week-days and about 6 hours on Saturday and Sunday. There were 21,600 Individual User Sessions 2016-17. We have about 22,000 individual user sessions per year for the most vulnerable in our community. It is critical that costs are affordable.
There is no other facility of this type in Cumbria, without this facility permanently disabled adults and children would not get exercise in an enjoyable environment. Patients recovering from short term conditions would put pressure on GPs and Physiotherapy depts and take longer to treurn to work and independence. Your vote for the project will secure continuity.

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Moment of Pride

The Pool was built & opened in 1977 and was paid for by public subscription led by Kendal Mencap from the local people with many events and donations eg selling individual bricks to raise the funds. It has been kept successful by many dedicated volunteers over the years and continues to this day.

Location: Cumbria, UK