Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000



Help us with our essential costs so that we can perform at a range of community and charity events and deliver beginners’ workshops during 2019. Learning to play an instrument as well listening and dancing to music is well known to be beneficial to health and wellbeing. Help us bring the Caribbean sunshine into people’s lives!


As of yet we have no funding secured to enable us to continue into 2019. However we are already getting requests to play at May fayres, charity and school fundraising events, street festivals, carnivals across the country and community Christmas concerts. We have had to put our confirmation of all these events on hold until we secure funding for our essential costs. Our essential costs are tutor fees, room hire, van hire, uniforms, insurance and instrument maintenance.

Help us continue for another year so that we can say *YES* to these events and bring a range of audiences the sunny sounds of steelpan.


Revellers Steelband is Luton's only community steelband. We are a non-profit organisation with all money earned being put back into the running of the band. We range in age from 18 to 65+. Some of us have been in the band since we were children with others only been learning steelpan for around 2 years. We were founded in 2009 as part of the UK Centre for Carnival Arts (UKCCA). When the UKCCA lost its funding in 2014, we had to make the decision, do we break-up as a band or do we try to make it alone and raise funds to continue as an independent group? We decided to try and make it alone and since 2014 have been successful in raising just enough money from grants and income from performances to survive to the end of each year.


This money will:

• Enable the band to operate for another 12 months meaning that band members, none of whom are formally trained or professional musicians, can carry on with their learning and performing together in a fun and social environment.

• During the 12 months we will also run beginners' workshops to give adults and children the opportunity to learn steelpan as a group, connect with their Caribbean heritage and eventually come and join the band.

• The money will make a difference to those planning their events for 2019 as we can say YES and bring a Caribbean and summery vibe to their audiences.

Because without this funding anyone wanting to hire or join a steelband will have to seek bands outside of the region - most steelbands are based in London. We have done extremely well to survive 4 years as an independent community group and have an excellent reputation in the town. We want to continue to grow as Luton's community steelband for many more years to come!

Project Video

Revellers Steelband

Moment of Pride

An audience member hearing us an event probably does not know how much work went into that one performance. We practice two nights a week after school/work, nearly every week of the year, come rain or shine. We do this because we love steelpan and love sharing our joy with people through our music.

Location: Luton


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