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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We are a small baton twirling troupe based in Strathearn. The troupe has been running since 1999. We train in Muthill village hall on Friday nights. We have just recently moved here as we could no longer afford the cost we were being charged at Strathearn Community Campus. We regularly perform for the community at local events which are usually outside in all weathers. What we need is tracksuits for the athletes to wear over their outfits to keep warm til they perform or to wear to perform if its really cold. It is important for the team to look professional and to feel like a team when they go out to perform. The ones we have now are worn and the kids have all outgrown them. We are also having a recruiting drive at the moment so will need some for new members. The tracksuits cost around £100 each so we are looking to acquire 12 new ones. We aim to provide an affordable sport that is all inclusive so we know the parents can not afford to purchase the tracksuits themselves and we make no profit from the class fees. These just cover the hall fees and petrol money for the coach. She takes no payment for her time. We would really appreciate any help we could get. Thank you

The Turleum Twirlstars

Moment of Pride

This troupe has been running for coming up twenty years and all of my six children have been a part of it at one time or another. They are well loved in the community with The Friends of Macrosty Park and Crieff Arts festival being two of our biggest supporters.

Location: Crieff