Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


About us:
A4 Studios CIC is a not-for profit disabled led organisation aimed at providing opportunities for emerging and early career artists. We are home to 28 accessible studios that house a variety of different artists; many of which are afflicted by cognitive, physical or mental health disorders and/or have long term illness. We also have a shared space for low income artists and students, an on-site gallery space for exhibitions and a newly made event space for workshops, events and other community projects.

The project:
What we would like to do is to give back to the community that have supported us so far by hosting a series of Accessible and Inclusive workshops open to all.

These will be a regular series of events run by experienced artists, curators and professionals in the field of art with the view to increasing health and well-being, personal and skills development of participants and to help those involved maintain a social identity that is not defined by a disease or disorder.

Types of workshops for the general public can include:
-Mural Painting
-Interior Design
-Life Drawing
-Drama and Movement
-Experimental Photography
And more

We would also like to run a series of professional workshops for visual artists covering the realms of grant applications, portfolio building, social media and marketing, mentoring, writing an artist statement, creative problem and business planning solving to name a few.

Why we need help to do this:
As a CIC and volunteer led organisation we rely on grant funding, fundraising, donations and volunteers to bring our projects to life. Your vote on our project would enable us to purchase the material and equipment necessary to run our workshops, to cover our volunteers expenses, to promote the workshops out to the area with flyers and to offer a series of workshops for free for those in the community who would otherwise not be able to afford it. It would also enable us to make some final adjustments to the workshop area to tailor it for accessibility.

Why this Area:
Trafford has a high number of socially isolated individuals, 18% of the population has a disability and About 1 in 8 children and young people in Trafford aged 5-16 suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder: that is, on average, 2 to 3 children in every school class. 60% of our residents at the studio are also afflicted with a variety of cognitive and physical disabilities and long term illness.

As one in five individuals in England have a disability, we want to tailor our workshops to be inclusive to those who might otherwise not have the opportunity due to their condition. This is why this project is so important as it would have a positive impact on the community and strengthen community ties.

As we are also an accessible arts hub, we have on-site facilities already in place to assist those with particular needs and we are in an accessible location with great transport links to the rest of Trafford and beyond.

A4 studios

Moment of Pride

A4 Studios has received no government funding and started off with a budget of £500 and a dream. A year later we have transformed a disused warehouse into a thriving arts community helping those with disability and on low incomes. I'm proud to be a part of this organisation and it's success.

Location: Altrincham