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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Mansfield Junior Badminton Club has operated for almost 40 years. We endeavour to be a safe, fun and friendly place for juniors under the age of 18 to take part and develop the skills needed for playing Badminton. Our aim is to promote the sport within the local community and all children, regardless of their ability, are welcome.

The Club provides coaching, training and competitive match play for all levels of competence. We provide opportunities for beginners through to those who wish to develop further within the County and National badminton structures. It is this ethos, approach and philosophy which helped the Club being voted ‘Club of the Year 2017’ at the prestigious annual Mansfield Sports Recognition Awards in December last year.

The Club is based in the heart of the community at the Manor Sports and Recreation Centre in Mansfield Woodhouse. This is an area which has suffered both economically and socially over recent years from the demise of the traditional industries such as coal mining, textiles and engineering. Nationally, this area is ranked in the top 10 % in the indices of multiple deprivation 2016. Consequently, the community confidences, aspirations and self esteem are low. The Club contributes to addressing these issues by promoting a positive image.

Run by a small group of dedicated, passionate and appropriately qualified volunteers the Club aspires to achieve the best from everyone through skill development and competition. Taster sessions are being run in primary schools to introduce the sport and provide a pathway for those who wish to continue and progress in the sport which also helps sustain the Club.

Operating at grassroots level and yet a small Club compared with some others, the last 12/15 months has been a superb period of achievements in local and national competitions:
• Teams were entered in 10 of the 12 Nottinghamshire leagues winning 6 and being runner up in the other 4
• Members have travelled far and wide to compete in national tournaments returning with a collection of 44
medals – 11 gold, 17 silver and 16 bronze
• At the last County Championships the Club provided both a winner and runner up in 3 events and a runner
up in a further 2
• At 2 other local annual tournaments the Club had 8 winners and 4 runners up
• Several members have been selected to play for Nottinghamshire in the National Leagues

Membership is currently around 60 and a weekly fee is paid to cover general Club running costs (court hire, shuttlecocks, rackets and affiliation/coaching fees). There is little surplus to purchase more specific training equipment to enable the quality of coaching to progress in line with modern practices as well as trying to keep training fresh and exciting.

To help improve the quality of coaching the Club would like to purchase an automatic shuttlecock feeder which would provide many positive benefits for the coaches. Such equipment would enable players to learn, improve and perfect their shots through consistent and accurate shuttle delivery, allowing coaches to be freed from shuttle feeding to concentrate on teaching and coaching the individual.

The Club officers spend many hours fundraising and an award of £1000 from the Aviva Community Fund would help greatly with this project.

We hope you feel this is worth supporting and voting for.

Mansfield Junior Badminton Club

Moment of Pride

The Club is based at the Manor Sports and Recreation Centre in Mansfield Woodhouse, at the heart of the community. This area has suffered both economically and socially over recent years and, as local people, we are delighted that we are contributing to improving the community prosperity.

Location: Mansfield