Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The needs of young people have changed considerably over recent years and the social and peer group pressure on them to succeed and conform has never been greater. However, one thing that has remained constant is that all young people are individuals and they need to grow and develop at a pace that suits them in an environment that is both safe and enjoyable.
Every young person has different needs and different abilities, but by providing the right environment they will blossom.
Scouting is based on a progressive programme of skill development that gives all youngsters, no matter what ability, an opportunity to develop at their chosen speed.
As a Scout Group we are fully committed to helping each and everyone of our young people to succeed in life. To teach them to look after themselves and others. To educate them about the world around them, its beauty, its dangers, its requirements and their commitments. The overriding aim for our young people, as they developed and mature from children to adults, is to provide a sound base to help and guide them through the mire of life’s problems.
In today's society of mass media and electronic games, young people need the opportunity of something different, to have an escape from the every day types of pressures. In our experience young people still enjoy getting out and about and trying new things. They thrive on challenges both great and small. All they need is the opportunity.
By running a progressive and modern programme made up of bite sized blocks of hands on practical experiences, youngsters learn without realising. The key is to make the activities fun, varied and achievable
We have found that one of the best ways for young people to develop and learn skills is through residential experiences. Being away from the home, with their peer group, allows the youngsters a controlled degree of independence, which gives them a chance to nurture companionship and to take responsibility for their actions.
The young people acquire a diverse range of skills during residential experiences. As an example simple activities like making a meal are progressively developed over time to cover diet, health, finance, hygiene, planning and working with others. It is amazing how many stories we hear of young people going to university and being unable to cope because they cannot cook and look after themselves.
No residential experience is complete without providing fun and challenging physical activities. These have a major effect on improving mental and physical well-being. They give the young people the chance to learn team work, decision making, leadership skills, to assess risks, solve problems, and improve social and communication skills.
Even the most timid youngster thrives in this environment, increasing in self-confidence and self-esteem. This can be seen by the smiles on their faces and the requests for more.
The Group is committed to providing as many residential opportunities for our young people as possible .
Over the last few years the Group has grown and now has over 70 young people attending regularly. However, with this increase in numbers so the need for resources has increased.
Whilst it would be nice to simply buy lots of new equipment, to be prudent and maximise what can be achieved we feel that the best way forward is to spend the monies wisely on a combination of the refurbishment of existing equipment where practicable and replacement of outdated gear with modern kit.
We believe that by doing this we will be able to fulfil our promise to provide an increased number and type of fun and challenging experiences to all our young people.

Anderton St Joseph's Scout Group

Moment of Pride

There is no greater reward than to see the smile on a young persons face when they achieve even the smallest thing that they thought they couldn't do.
Simply knowing that all their hard work has shaped them into outstanding members of the Community is priceless

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