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Our purpose as a charity is to advance public education in the arts with particular reference to the art of theatre & Greek classical drama. Our passion is to ensure that this intrinsic part of our dramatic heritage remains accessible to modern audiences, in theatres, in schools & beyond.

We are celebrating our 25th birthday by developing our most ambitious show to date, an aerial version of Euripides’ Medea.

Alongside the show's development in early 2019 we’ll begin running a new community engagement programme which will involve working with 2 community choirs, exploring their role as the Greek chorus. We’ll test & fine-tune this as we develop it in to a larger community outreach programme which will extend across the country alongside a national tour of Medea in 2020.

The project will also support an educational programme of workshops & performance sharings for state school students.

The project is key to our professional development as we develop more creative approaches to engagement & outreach.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMME: The contribution of singing to wellbeing is widely reported with groups like The Choir With No Name giving hope to people affected by homelessness, & we want to empower disadvantaged communities in similar ways by engaging them in theatre & involving them in the development of our work.

Initially we’ll work with our local choir Vocal Explosion (Brighton) & this will extend to working with Cornerstone Arts Centre’s choir in Didcot.

Both choirs will benefit from participating in free vocal workshops centred around Medea which will develop understanding of ancient Greek drama & enhance performance skills.

Our work will greatly benefit from the input of a choir, who will inform the show in a radical & exciting way.

The project will have a very positive impact on participants, contributing to self-confidence, wellbeing & learning.

This phase will allow us to work practically on a new community focused project, evaluate with test groups & work on development in to a longer term legacy of work.

As the show develops we’ll engage with community choirs and groups nationally, targeting groups in disadvantaged areas who don’t have easy access to theatre & community projects.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME: Due to drama & Classics curriculum cuts, demand for external educational support is high & our work is particularly relevant to state school students in disadvantaged areas.

With support from our partners at Caterham School & Cornerstone (Didcot) the project at this stage will engage with AS & A Level students in & around these areas that do not have ready access to external learning.

Students will participate in free tailor-made workshops that examine major themes in Medea to develop practical understanding of Greek theatre & enhance educational skill set.

The project will resonate with young people who identify with its exploration of current themes such as the #MeToo & #TimesUp movements & interdisciplinary style of interpretation.

The project will positively impact on students & their personal development, confidence & learning.

The programme will develop alongside the show, in to a national delivery of workshops.

ALLOCATION OF FUNDS: With your support we can develop & deliver the first stage of this ambitious participatory programme, ensuring that the Classics remain accessible for those who would not normally have the opportunity to engage in such a fundamental part of our heritage. The money will make a big difference to the first stage of what will become a much larger community outreach programme, because it will allow us to actually deliver the work, evaluate from it & develop it.

Please vote for our project because it is an exciting exploration of participatory involvement in a classic piece of theatre that benefits not only the community & educational groups taking part, but also audiences & the company.

Project Video

Actors of Dionysus

Moment of Pride

We are proud of being 25 years old & of having produced 55+ radical productions of ancient Greek drama, performing to over 750,000 people & becoming the UK’s leading interpreters in this field.

We are proud that our success in this field enables us to work on new engagement & outreach programmes

Location: Caterham


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