Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Thringstone Primary School
Outdoor imagination area Grant Application

This Application is for a Grant to cover the costs of creating an outdoor space for the students at Thringstone Primary School to better their imagination, confidence and learning in a safe and inspiring environment.
After consulting with the local community, school students, parents and staff, we have highlighted a need to improve our outside area. We conducted a questionnaire …...add results....
At Thringstone Primary School we have an extensive outdoor space, but it is greatly underused. We hire out our site to local community groups such as The Brownies. The school is investing in a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA), which will benefit the wider community by bringing different groups onto our site.
We believe that children should enjoy their school life, find satisfaction in their achievements and realise their full potential. To further this vision, it is proposed to develop an area of the School’s playground. The development will include an outdoor reading space, phonics words, musical equipment, maths equipment and playground equipment, mark-making weaving frames, mud kitchen, and permanent art instillation prepared by the children. The development is aimed at the school’s student age range (4 to 11 years), but to be available to the wider community.
Children spend on average 25% of their time in the school grounds. It is important that the experiences that they have are the best, and as positive as they can be. The appearance of the school grounds can have a dramatic effect on how a student’s approach to the environment and effects how they interact with that environment, their peers and adults. This is especially important in semi-rural and deprived area (236/326 wards) that the School is located in.
In the current economic climate, local children have limited opportunities to experience playing a musical instrument. Playing a musical instrument is proven to boost memory skills and concentration.
On entry data shows that our children have poor communication skills, poor knowledge of the world and poor social skills – out of a cohort of 26 children 24 children struggle making relationships. The data shows that our children are sometimes below, often well below age related expectations. The 2016/2017 data shows 42% of children did not meet expected standards in reading, writing and maths (National Statistics)
The additional equipment provided will benefit the school and will be available to the wider community. It will provide the community with a safe area to learn and play, in a welcoming and supportive environment. Taking the development’s equipment individually:
Mark-making, weaving frame and outdoor play equipment will enable the students to develop literacy and numeracy skills in a safe outdoor space. Boosting imagination, motor and problem solving skills, whilst providing a bright space to learn and play in
Creating an outdoor reading space with cushions and reading benches will help encourage the student's independent reading skills and boosting their imagination.
The instillation of a mud kitchen in out Forest School area provides children with a platform to explore creative play and language development. `
Outdoor musical play equipment will offer cognitive, emotional and physical play, whilst providing an opportunity for all abilities and ages to learn and play through music.
By installing outdoor phonics words students will be surrounded by key phonics words, helping to stimulate their learning subconsciously. This is particularly useful for students who speak English as a second language and those that need extra support for literacy.
The whole school will be brought together to create a fused glass sculpture. Working with a local glass artist all of the students will design their own glass leaf. These will be fused together to create a whole piece that the students can be proud of. The finished piece will be install

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Moment of Pride

At Thringstone Primary School we are proud of our children's achievements and want to give them an exciting outside environment to play, learn and form friendships in.

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