Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are constantly aiming to increase numbers at all training sessions and get more young people in Glasgow involved in sport regardless of their ability. We welcome new members regardless of their ability, age or background. Our aim is to work with children throughout Glasgow including many deprived areas of Glasgow, where we help to educate them in prevalent issues in many deprived areas such as lifestyle, sectarianism and drugs culture. Our club provides young people with the opportunity to play sport regardless of their family situation. It is particularly important to us that we are able to do this as most of our members are not financially well off and many of these children and young people would otherwise be excluded from participating. As a Gaelic club we are planning to develop further teams to expand our club and to make ourselves much more widely known in the local community. By participating in sport this will help the children to build stronger, more tolerant communities, and provide them with skills for the workplace and life. By playing sport the children will gain confidence, gain team skills, begin to trust others and take responsibility for their actions. Training costs are a major expense for our club as we do not own our own facility so need to hire various facilities throughout the city. This funding is vital to help the club continue to provide opportunity at low cost to all.

Tír Conaill Harps GAC

Moment of Pride

We allow children to play sport regardless of background and ability. Our numbers are continuing to grow so we believe the children must enjoy being part of our club. It really improves confidence and team building by playing a team sport like ours.

Location: Glasgow