Skills for life

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Get a Future project encourages young people to think ambitiously about their future here in Carlisle, by matching them with local businesses that provide a varied range of work/training opportunities in which they can explore and learn, develop their confidence and be exposed to hands on experiences, which they can then use to make informed decisions about their future.

We would use the funding to employ a full time Coordinator who would work with young people to identify those who need support looking for work/training opportunities. The majority of people we work with have some form of disadvantage, low academic achievement, poverty, mental health or disability.
The Coordinator will establish good relationships with young people, working to improve confidence and identify individual needs, mentoring and matching youngsters up with businesses for work or training opportunities. They will also work with a core group of young people to develop and market an employability app. The app would feature a simplistic young person profile, a toolkit to identify skills and areas for development, and promote areas of interest. It will also feature a business’s profile which will promote a work or training opportunity specifically for a young person.

The age range of young people we will work with is 14-18years old, specifically those beginning to explore what their future might look like. We aim to provide young people with a variety of opportunities and give them a better understanding of what they need to achieve academically in order to secure an apprenticeship, work or training opportunity before they leave school. We’re finding more often that young people become stuck in limbo once they reach school leaving age, not knowing which road to take next or what opportunities are available to them. Exposing young people to a variety of opportunities and mentoring before they reach this milestone will provide them with increased knowledge and insight into a variety of industries. Likewise, the app will become a ‘go to’ digital platform for young people and local businesses to engage, helping improve self-confidence and self-awareness by breaking down the “norm” recruitment barriers that today’s modern kid struggles with.

The project aims
• Explore and develop digital skills of a core group of young people who will lead on creating an app specifically designed to match a young person with a work or training opportunity
• The app will also feature an online skills toolkit to help young people identify areas of strength and areas for development
• Reduce isolation by encouraging young people to engage and communicate in a digital way with local businesses
• Help young people understand jobs they could have and the opportunities available locally
• Develop social and communication skills
• Understand their own potential
• Develop self-worth and confidence
• Work in partnership with 6 secondary schools and Carlisle College developing the current careers programmes on offer.
• Help local businesses fill gaps in employment

Technology has shifted the way in which we communicate and engage with each other and young people have become accustomed to this. Speaking to others via online platforms is a method of communication that is current and continuing to grow. Talking to adults is often difficult for many young people we work with, who often don’t have a supportive family at home, struggle with self-confidence and self-belief, and feel isolated. The app will act as a useful communication tool, a ‘go to’ platform that will provide an improved understanding of what young people need to achieve in order to make informed decisions about their future and expose them to a variety of work and training opportunities – and access to the support they might need. This will also encourage businesses to think differently about their recruitment processes and how they engage with the modern day kid - their future employee

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Carlisle Youth Zone

Moment of Pride

The Carlisle Youth Zone and the Get a Future initiative helps young people by giving them an opportunity that due to circumstances beyond their control that they might not otherwise have. As a result this Carlisle Youth Zone literally changes peoples lives for the better.

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