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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


East Fife Community FC have developed a 5 year development plan which not only focuses on the development as a football club but also plans to reach out to the wider community using football as the conduit. The plan has actions with dates/timescales and budgets; this is monitored by a Committee on a monthly basis who are accountable to the membership of East Fife Community Football Club.
Community involvement & contribution is key to our philosophy in making the Levenmouth area a better place to live. The club encourages children, adults & volunteers to get involved in community projects & has not only raised money for charity, but taken part in a community clean up initiatives. We are always very keen to support any cause which will benefit the community.
The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) is a tool for identifying areas of poverty & inequality across Scotland & can help organisations invest in those areas that need it most. The SIMD identifies concentrations of multiple deprivations across all of Scotland in a consistent way. The SIMD ranks small areas (datazones) from most deprived to least deprived. There are 494 datazones in Fife, each of around 750 individuals. 51 of these datazones are in Levenmouth. ‘Deprived’ does not just mean ‘poor’ or ‘low income’. It can also mean people have fewer resources & opportunities. The SIMD 2016 combines 38 indicators across 7 domains, namely: income, employment, education, health, access to services, crime and housing.
In Levenmouth locality 16,436 (44%) of individuals live in one of the 20% most deprived areas in Scotland, this compares to 20% over Fife as a whole. Levenmouth has 6 datazones ranked in the 10 most deprived in Fife. These are:
• Buckhaven South (the most deprived in Fife, 27th most deprived in Scotland)
• Methil Memorial Park (2nd Fife, 93rd Scotland)
• Methil Savoy (4th Fife, 166th Scotland)
• Aberhill (6th Fife, 183rd Scotland)
• Methil Kirkland (8th Fife, 217th Scotland)
• Lower Methil (9th Fife, 225th Scotland). (source: SIMD/NRS)
We have developed a Player Pathway which is open to all players regardless of ability, gender or age. The pathway works from toddler to walking football & we currently have around 470 girls & boys registered. We actively encourage a friendly atmosphere within the teams & as a result the club is seen as an extended part of the family, we encourage activities to bring the community together.
By running the community teams as well as the club teams gives the children, from a young age, the opportunity to learn football, gives them a good grounding on learning how to play as part of a team & encourages them to interact with children from all backgrounds. East Fife Community Football Club has a “football for all” policy & we hope to increase the number of teams from 23 to 36 to include Futsal, Para-football & community classes.
The club has a fantastic team of over 80 volunteers who ensure the wellbeing, safety, learning & enjoyment for all our participants. Without their contribution we would not be able to provide the activities we do. On top of attending training sessions & weekly matches, our volunteers are encouraged to share their experiences through in-service events held throughout the year.
The club have ambitious plans to engage with the wider community & have identified the following project which will provide an alternative way for primary school children who struggle with the normal school curriculum. Using football as the conduit to address:
• Social skills
• English
• Maths
• Science
• Problem solving
The delivery of classes will be via; afternoon sessions, after school club community sessions & a school homework club.
Currently the club is funded through team subscriptions & sponsorship. Our aspiration is to run our Community programmes free of charge. In order to reach out to the wider community & introduce more community programmes funding is required to hire staff, materials & facilities.

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East Fife Community Football Club

Moment of Pride

We are a proud community & committed to making a better place to be. This project is the community & education strand of the club’s strategic plan. Our plan has eight strands each key in bringing the community as a whole together regardless of age, gender, background, ethnicity or ability.

Location: Methil


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