Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


We aim to forge better links in our community particularly between our students (aged 11 -16) and our local senior citizens. We will aim to do this by establishing workshops and drop in sessions at the school's new community building to enable conversations and contact between these two age groups. The aim of this is three fold, initially to provide a structured forum overseen by school staff to provide verbal contact and time to listen to senior members of our community in order to help address loneliness.

In addition we seek to improve the relationships between these two age groups by fostering respect and understanding through sharing experiences. We will look to our senior citizens to provide anecdotal and photographic accounts of their local community and indeed their life experiences to our students. Our students will be supported to record this data into a permanent record of the area and its people with the aim of making it available to view and possibly be collated into a book. The school also has a radio station that we broadcast on via DAB, so we are able to initiate interviews and specific musical content for this focus group, thus providing method of remote contact. Those that are unable to attend would be able to listen to specific shows, interviews and a summary of our latest information. There is also the possibility of turning information gathered into a short radio play, which we have undertaken before through our Drama department.

Finally the process will allow our students to demonstrate and inform senior members of our community the uses of technology today, whilst also providing a lasting memory and remembrance of our past.
We feel with over 2 million people countrywide over 75 living alone and feeling isolated that we can do something to help those in similar circumstances that reside in our local community. Our students also run a tea and coffee shop on site and we can look to combine access to this service and possibly our school canteen whilst carrying out the activities above. Should individuals find it hard to get to our school we can look out outreach initiatives, whilst undertaking the above activities.

Most importantly we will be able to provide a fixed point of contact for these often vulnerable people and the time to listen and interact on a regular basis. The intention would be to undertake the intended service through a weekly drop-in during term-time and at some points during the school holidays.
We feel both age groups have a lot to offer each other, with the reciprocal transfer of knowledge and experiences, the learning of new skills and becoming confident in forming relationships with individuals from different eras or even just providing a listening ear and friendship.

The funding that we are applying for will allow us to provide supervised structured times overseen by staff recruited by the school, between our students and our local senior citizens, provide the equipment and resources to record accounts provided and to make these available for all to view / listen to. Obviously in our case adult supervision is essential and will form a large part of our on-going costs. We will also use the funding to provide refreshments to our visitors and to enable us to provide outreach support if suitable. The funding will allow us to make this provision an on-going activity and not just a short-term process as well as some funding being utilised to create a published resource if copyright permits.

The Winston Churchill School

Moment of Pride

Our school places Community at the heart of what we do. We have a track record with a Community Sports Facility, a Community Radio Station and are active at various local public events. We want to use this experience to improve and recognise the lives of our local Senior Citizens.

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