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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Disabled people are twice as likely not to take part in any sport or physical activity as everybody else. Our vision is to correct this inequality for the 40,000 disabled people living in the Peterborough area through our services. For the last 12 months we have been running a very successful inclusive gym for people with disabilities and long-term health conditions. We have also targeted disabled ex forces through our marketing to community groups. We have registered 92 members and on average 60 people visit us each week. We charge £2 per visit. Most of our members have not exercised recently because of their condition and are not able to access mainstream gyms. We offer specialist gym equipment, access to specialist trained instructors, seated exercise and tai chi classes followed by refreshments and a friendly chat in our kitchen area with our volunteers. This not only improves health and mental wellbeing but addresses social isolation and loneliness. We would like to be able to offer more specialist instructor sessions to be able to work one-to-one with individuals who need this support and purchase a new piece for specialist gym equipment with leg stabilisers for people with MS, Parkinson's and Stroke rehabilitation. The Aviva community fund money would make a huge difference to this project and help us enhance this service for people like Matt and Andrew:-
“It has helped with my confidence and its great to help others. When I first came here I was shy. When you’re new to something you hold back a little bit. But this role have given me the chance to learn about the working world and to help others. This friendly team that make us laugh. Gym work is something I love to do.”
Matt, Volunteer Amilly Fitness
“What an amazing service this is. I was anxious about going in as I was on my own but I'm glad I did it. I was instantly greeted warmly and asked if I wanted a drink while I waited (I was rather early). After some paperwork I was taken through to the gym equipment. All of the machines are designed for people with disabilities. Each machine was explained and I was encouraged to try my hardest, even if I did have to stop every so often. After trying each machine I went through to the seating area and enjoyed a coffee and a chat. All in all one of the best days I've had lately, such a feeling of accomplishment that has been seriously lacking these past 5 years. I'm already booked in for another session as well as a seated fitness class. I can't wait”
Andrew, Amilly Fitness Gym Client
For the last two years we have been working with David Wait, Manager of Serpentine Green (local shopping centre) and the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce. David is undertaking eight Monster Challenges for us to raise money for our services. The combination of David's fundraising and the Aviva Community Fund will see us further enhance this fabulous project and sustain it for many years to come for people with disabilities living in Peterborough.

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Moment of Pride

The impact we make and the feedback we receive from our clients and volunteers makes us proud. As a Disabled People User Led (DPULO)organisation we have robust mechanisms for taking the views of disabled people into account and only delivering services that disabled people tell us they want/need.

Location: Peterborough