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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The Youth Basketball League (, has the key objective of

• Making basketball more accessible within the community and also to improve the overall standard of the game.

The league actively supports the growth of basketball within the 5 -18 age group across the Midlands.

The league that originated in the inner city, is now the largest and most effective youth basketball league within the region.

To continue the growth and reach of the league, the next phase of the development is to promote the league further within the community including schools with the following key priorities:

1. To increase the participation of girls and women in the sport via specific promotional events all year
2. To develop the network of officials to facilitate games, both male and female of all ages
3. To develop new clubs and support existing clubs to have sustainable plans and skills to promote and develop young people to participate in the sport for the long term.

The YBL Principles are:-
i. The spirit of the game is to be upheld in a friendly manner by all involved
ii. We encourage competitive games with sportsmanlike behaviour
iii. We expect all involved to promote the game you love and the YBL in a respectful and positive attitude
iv. Have fun!

We are the only organisation providing the structures to enable this sport to grow within the region. It is critical that we continue our growth and support to the community for the development of our young people.

Youth Basketball League CIC

Moment of Pride

The YBL have grown from a few volunteers and a handful of teams 4 years ago to a league structure that supports several hundred young players. Something special has been created within the region that needs to grow and be shared more widely.

Location: Birmingham