Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


This project offers creative activities for children and young people that take place after school as well as the opportunity for them to receive accredited learning through the Arts Award, which is a recognised qualification. The activities are led by professional artists so young people have the opportunity to learn new skills while being supported to develop their Arts Leadership skills through the Arts Award. There are four main parts which require the young people to take part in creative activities recording what they have learnt and enjoyed, find out about an artist who inspires them, write a review of an arts event and share the skills they have learnt with others. Young people are given opportunities to do this by volunteering at community events, which builds their confidence and helps them to feel more involved in their communities. The project aims to achieve better skilled and confident young people who are equipped to make good choices about their futures. It aims to reach young people from a range of backgrounds including those who are disadvantaged and young people with additional learning needs. It also aims to achieve better community integration and create opportunities for young people to become more involved in decisions that effect them. We would encourage people to vote for our project because it is child focussed and empowers young people by giving them opportunities to upskill and increase their confidence. This project consults with young people at all stages, young people are involved in the planning, delivery and evaluation making it a great opportunity for young people in our area.


Moment of Pride

This project has been requested by the young people, who are ambitious in the activities they ask for and the outcomes that they want to achieve for themselves. They are proactive about their futures and enthusiastic about increased community involvement and developing and trying out new skills.

Location: Barton-upon-Humber