Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We would like to buy four very specific accessible ' bikes' that would mean that more people in wheelchairs or with mobility issues could be enabled to cycle alongside their more able bodied peers in the safe and supportive environment that we generally provide. Two of the 'bikes' would be wheelchair accessible meaning that a person in a wheelchair could remain in their chair and be cycled around experiencing the thrill of cycling, the wind in their hair and the social aspect of cycling alongside others. The other two 'bikes' would mean that a person with more limited mobility or understanding could cycle side-by side with their friend, parent or carer and not be restricted in any way by their perceived or real limitations. Cycling has made a fantastic difference to so many of the people who currently use our services and so much progress has been made in terms of reducing social isolation, enhancing physical mobility, reducing obesity and more generally improving self-confidence and a greater sense of health and well-being.
Having these additions to our fleet of adapted bikes, trikes and hand-cycles means more people having fun and being included in a mainstream activity and not marginalised in any way.

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Simply Cycling

Moment of Pride

We are proud that we have been offering all ability cycling in Manchester for almost 15 years and have an average of 600 people cycling every week - 50 weeks a year! Our cyclists tell us they feel more alive, more included and have an enhanced feeling of well-being when they are out cycling!

Location: Manchester