Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000

Supported by: Gallagher


Noah’s Ark community playgroup has been established for over 20 years. The charities purpose is as follows:

- To promote and enhance the development and education of children, in particular those below statutory school age
- To enhance education
- To relieve poverty, sickness and distress
- To provide leisure time facilities in the interest of social welfare

The aim of the charity is to provide good quality pre-school education, family support services, and universal and targeted support services. These include midwife & health visitor drop in clinics, breastfeeding and baby early support groups, early start groups, baby and toddler groups. The centre is also used as a contact centre, to enable families to stay in contact during difficult times.

We have a very tired outdoor play area which is in need of some re-development to fully maximise its potential. Large parts of it cannot be used by the children in the winter due to lying water and mud issues. There are also areas with raised paving that are not safe.

We would like to create a new outdoor space that gives the children an opportunity to explore outdoor areas and access learning through their exploration and imagination. A new area would let them learn through their own play by creating an outdoor educational environment with the appropriate learning tools.

In addition to the area being used as a play/ educational environment for the children, there is also an area that we would like to use for families to meet in order to stay in touch during difficult times. Currently there is no provision for this and they have to use our inside meeting rooms.

Noah’s Ark Children’s Centre

Moment of Pride

Noah's Ark is situated in the heart of the community. It is a hub for families and has a strong link with the neighbouring Queen Maragets School. Our vision is to provide opportunities to help children and families achieve their potential together through learning, play and support.

Location: Tewkesbury GL20 5HU, UK