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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Revealed Projects aims to inspire young people to be confident in who they are and develop skills to build healthy relationships in all aspects of their lives. The project was set up in response to needs identified by young people themselves through focus groups held in our local community.

We provide large group educational workshops and targeted small group workshops in various settings, including schools and youth groups, for young people aged 9-18 years (school years 5+) across North Somerset and parts of Somerset.

These interactive workshops cover a range of topics under the headings of self-esteem and healthy relationships (a full list can be found on our website), facilitating young people to explore these topics and develop skills to address them.

We are already working with young people in a number of local schools and youth settings and the feedback has been excellent. Since Revealed Projects started delivering services we have worked with 699 young people, working alongside 14 different agencies.
The feedback received from both agencies and young people has been universally supportive and is demonstrated by the following:

• 95% of young people reported enjoying the sessions
• 85% of young people learned something new from the sessions
• 87% of young people felt more confident after the sessions
• 79% of young people would like to take part in more Revealed Projects workshops

Feedback from teaching staff and young people has helped us to further develop the workshops to best meet the needs of young people.

"I enjoyed being able to say what I was feeling without being judged or bullied, and being able to be myself" – Young Person

"Really useful sessions, nice to be able to recognise the children using their newly acquired skills and focus on their abilities and attributes. Several children definitely appeared more confident and thoroughly enjoyed attending the sessions" – Teacher

Long-term outcomes we expect to see as a result of this project include:
• Young people with increased levels of positive self-esteem, self-confidence, and feeling happy with the way they look
• Young people with increased/new skills and confidence to make better informed choices in relationships
• Young people being positive role models of healthy relationships, safe online behaviour, and positive self-confidence, influencing their peers and others in their community
• Less engagement of young people in risky and abusive relationships, both in the physical world and online, reducing bullying/cyber-bullying
• Young people feeling more confident to say no to peer pressure and have increased awareness of and confidence around consent in relationships
• The project being more widely recognised as a trusted provider of self-esteem and relationships education services in order to reach a greater number of young people in our local community

With the support of the Aviva Community Fund 2017, we have nearly doubled the number of workshops we delivered when compared to the previous year, reaching and benefiting even more young people. It has also enabled us to offer free sessions to local schools where they would otherwise not be able to consider using this service to support their students.

We are applying for the Aviva Community Fund 2018 to help us to continue to develop and deliver the project to more young people across the local community. By voting for Revealed Projects, you will be helping us to continue delivering the current services offered. You will also be investing in the development of:

• A new 1:1 mentoring programme in the community
• New parent workshops to help equip parents to have meaningful conversations with their children around topics such as social media and body image
• A youth forum so that young people can have a greater say in the services we run

To find out more about Revealed Projects please watch our video and check out our website. Thank you

Project Video

Holy Trinity Church (Elim Weston-super-Mare)

Moment of Pride

Being recognised as a trusted provider working with young people around issues related to self-esteem and healthy relationships makes me proud to be part of Revealed Projects. Supporting young people in the community in which I grew up and having a positive impact in their lives is a real honour.

Location: North Somerset, UK


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