Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Mickle Trafford Preschool and Community Room is a registered, non-profit-making charity and needs an interactive, educational, accessible and purpose-built playground with equipment for children aged 2 to 5 years old of all abilities.

We provide affordable, quality childcare in our local area and foster independence and happiness within our children. We are proud of our inclusivity and our fundraising efforts provide additional activities free of charge to all children regardless of circumstance.

In 2011, we moved premises to a new building which is a single storey modular building which has the benefit of a Community Room and a Preschool Room as well as ample outdoor areas. However, due to limited funds, we were never able to install a ‘proper’ playground.

The existing outdoor play area was simply covered in rubber chippings and all equipment is second-hand, made up of donated items that are more suited to a domestic setting and showing signs of wear. We resurfaced the play area with Duraplay grass which improved access for children with reduced mobility and enhanced the outdoor appearance. Due to the cost of playground equipment it has not been possible for the Preschool to self-raise the significant amount needed to furnish the play area.

We place huge emphasis on the outdoor environment and regularly visit our forest school for natural experiences. We also spend a lot of time planting and harvesting fruit and vegetables with the children which they then cook and eat. This complements our approach to health and well-being which would be enhanced by new playground equipment.

The attached Community Room is used by individuals and groups offering classes such as ante-natal support, toddler sessions and yoga amongst others. We have also held free-to-attend Community events such as an Easter Fun Day and charity events. Community Room users would benefit from the availability of the new playground as it can be accessed during events and classes e.g. birthday parties, fun days etc.

Having proper play equipment would complete our environment and further promote active play.

You may ask why play equipment is so important. The benefits a well-equipped, outdoor play area provides include:

Health and Well-Being
There are many health benefits to outside play. The more expansive outdoor area leads children to be more active, this builds strong bones and fitness. Being in sunshine, even in winter, allows children to absorb vitamin D. Exercise and outdoor freedom helps children feel happier and calmer and burns of excess energy allowing them to be more focussed in the classroom.

Children develop learning abilities by playing outside. Having educational equipment outdoors provides a fun way for children to learn new skills and information. In addition, taking education outside the classroom encourages children to realise that learning is an on-going process in any environment rather than a purely classroom based activity.

Outdoor play builds children’s creativity and stimulates their imaginations through interaction with the equipment around them.

Social Skills
Outdoor spaces are less crowded than indoors and can be less overwhelming; children naturally come out of their shells and be more socially interactive. The children are then more willing to join games and activities. They will also talk to different children and make new friends providing building blocks for improved social skills and interaction.

In an outdoor space, the children are often away from immediate and direct adult supervision compared to the indoor classroom. This helps foster independence when interacting with other children, as well as learning to play by themselves. They learn to take turns and how to negotiate playground equipment.

Please support our cause and help provide the inclusive and educational playground the children deserve.

Mickle Trafford Preschool

Moment of Pride

Many people have supported Preschool over the years and I am proud to be part of continuing their legacy, ensuring the on-going provision of vibrant, community-led childcare. Improving the playground facilities would transform and complete the Preschool environment and promote active play.

Location: Mickle Trafford