Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Buddies of Beckets or BOB as it is known, is an established Park Volunteer group in Northampton.

The volunteers look after Beckets Park which is close to the town centre and has the River Nene passing by.

For several years Beckets Park had been neglected and unloved. Around 3 years ago BOB was set up by local people interested in the park and by working with partners it has improved the park , encouraged community use and raised the profile of the park.

New enthusiasm has been found for this park with a number of community events taking place over the last few years and partners such as Northampton Borough Council, the University of Northampton and Northamptonshire Police contributing.

BOB now wants the park to blossom further and wants to create a wild flower area in part of the park, provide a performance area and add a number of picnic benches.

The wild flower area would approximately 120 m by 25m wide and run along the North side of the park. The wild flower would add a new dimension to the park as currently it is a typical town park with lots of grass . The wild flowers area would attract bees and other insects and add not only environmentally to the park but also would make it much more interesting and special.

In the park are two circular grassy ridges that contain wooden sculptures. The sculptures are very old and have disintegrated. BOB plans to remove what's left of the sculptures - i.e. some damaged and crumbling wooden logs - to the children play ground at the other end of the park. They can then be used by children to play on and for parents to sit on.

The two circular ridges would be filled in with earth and then grassed over to provide a grassy round area about 50 cm high and 20m long. This could then be used for performers in the park. Essentially it would be like a grass stage and people could sit around on permanent seating to watch. Music, drama and dance could be performed in the open on this natural stage. Real grass is easier to maintain than wooden decking for example and the performance area would fit very well into the park making use of an existing shaped area but enhancing it significantly.

The last part of the project would be to have a number of picnic benches and seating put into the park. These would be fixed around the park where people could come during the day and eat their lunch ( office workers, students and hospital staff for example who work nearby). Families and others will make use of the picnic benches too. It would draw more people into the park. There is a lack of this type of seating in the park and it would attract more people in.

The Make Beckets Blossom Project would literally improve the number of blossoms in the park with a huge array of wild flowers. The benefits of a wild flower meadow/area are well know for bees and wildlife but it would also make an attractive feature.

The grass stage area would encourage performers, give them a free open space to entertain and help them blossom into creative people and lastly the installation of picnic benches would encourage greater us of the park especially for nearby local workers and families. Enjoying the outdoors has many benefits - physical, emotional and mental - all which would help people to blossom to their full potential!

The Make Beckets Blossom Project has three parts to it. All three parts benefit the local people of Northampton town, will encourage them to make use of this undervalued green space and for a relative small outlay will provide permanent features to the park.


Moment of Pride

We believe in the Make Beckets Blossom Project which if funded will provide a wild flower meadow, an outdoor grass covered performance area and picnic benches for all to use. The Project is achievable, straightforward, enhances the park but at the same time benefits local people and visitors.

Location: Northampton